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  1. Happy Birthday Debby Bowen!

  2. SampleMM

    baked beans

    Thanks so much Vickie. I will check out that recipe.
  3. SampleMM

    baked beans

    Thanks Chanda. I have no idea about beans. I didn't even realize you could buy them ready from the can. Can you tell that beans are not my favorite? ;)
  4. SampleMM

    baked beans

    Does anyone have a good recipe for baked beans that would feed a lot of people. I am having a graduation party in a western theme and figured I baked beans would be an appropriate side dish.
  5. I've had them all! I prefer the stainless steel cookware, Jill. Mine are Cuisinart and I love them!
  6. Wow, we now have a "like" button!!! I love it!

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    2. Jill


      I love the like :)

    3. SampleMM


      I think earlier this week is the first time I noticed it and yes I love it too!! :)

    4. supaspot


      great idea


  7. SampleMM

    Spiral ham dinner

    I like homemade applesauce with ham. Asparagus would be a nice side dish too. For a desert, you could buy a Christmas cake from Sam's Club. Their cakes are good and they make some really pretty, festive ones.
  8. SampleMM

    What Are Your Favorite Restaurants?

    Thanks for the info on the biscuits, Robin and I am definitely going to check into those. If we lived closer, I know who I'd be hiring to do all my cooking for me.
  9. SampleMM

    What Are Your Favorite Restaurants?

    Local--Pine Junction (great grilled fish and Blue Moon on draft) Chains--Cheesecake Factory (I never can remember what it's called......has pasta, shrimp and asparagus and cheese in it) Texas Roadhouse (I like the Chicken Critter Salad) Red Lobster (any kind of shrimp and I love those rolls) This is a fun thread, Jill.
  10. I like your new avatar......very nice! :)

  11. Thank you for the compliment on my new avatar photo!

  12. Hi!

    I love your new avatar photo!! It's gorgeous!!!!

  13. Hello and welcome to Lil Beginnings from Pennsylvania, USA.

  14. The Magnificent Buckeroo~FOREVER in our hearts.

    1. Genie


      We just got Piddypaddocks Glori Halylooya. Thank you for the compliment