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  1. I have 2 AMHR registered boys, although one is out a AMHR/ ASPC mare. what I'm curious about is what is known about the heritage, is the ASPC Classic? Do any of them go back to Welsh ponies? My boys are IMO both quite nice, the one from Cross Country, who is doubled up on Lazy N Red Man is a lovely driving horse, his gait is low and like a thoroughbred, he has a nice slow, working and extended trot, without getting hot. The pinto with Buckaroo and King Lee behind him is a hotty, also real fun to drive but he has a lot of engine and wants to go! More leg action too. The pinto has a bigger eye, cheek, small tippy ears and nose which remind me of a little Welshie. The bay is always a good little guy, though quite wary of strangers, he can be bought with slow movement and a pocketful of treats. I’m just curious about the lines and how they developed.
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