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  1. Wondering what everyone feeds their minis. From foal to senior? I just picked up a bag of Valley Flax and CFS Elevate for my 2 seniors. Plus they get free choice hay. Just wondering what everyone else feeds. Pictures of my 2 seniors just in hay alone for almost 3 years.
  2. Pony.Mom

    My mini herd - New to the forum

    Omg Mr. Handsome is very handsome i love his color.
  3. Pony.Mom

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    Thank you everyone. You have all been so welcoming and kind. I have found a senior feed for my minis and picked up some flax. And have taken my girls off the BOSS. As i was warned by a horse nutrionist to not feed. The feed i have food is CFS Elevate and also Valley Flax.
  4. Thank to everyone who has been so welcoming to the forum and thank you for everyones advice

  5. Pony.Mom

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    Aww poor little guy atleast he found a loving home. I have always wanted a mini donkey they are so cute. Can Flaxseed be feed year around though? or should it just be feed in the winter months and spring for shedding?
  6. Pony.Mom

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    No they dont...
  7. Pony.Mom

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    No they arent on senior feed. Just free choice hay and a 1/2 cup of BOSS (once a day)
  8. Pony.Mom

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    They are 17yrs old.
  9. Pony.Mom

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    They are also on free choice hay, but im not considered about their weight. Just were they are getting older. I heard flax is good for many things. But also boss. And im torn between the two. Would it be safe to feed both boss and flax at the same feeding?
  10. Pony.Mom

    Newbie to the forum.

    Hi im new to the group i am from Nova Scotia canada. Also looking to connect with other mini owners and their experiences. I have 2 miniature mares ages 17yrs old. I have had them both for 3 years now. And I just recently started giving them 1/2 cup of Black Oil Sunflower Seed aka BOSS each once a day. But i have been reading posts about it some good and some bad. Im just wondering if anyone else feeds BOSS to their minis.. I have also heard that Flaxseed is also good for them. But BOSS is higher in omega 6 and low in omega 3, but Flaxseed is high in omega 3. Would i be able to feed both at the same time? At one feeding. I want to do whats best for these girls they mean everything to us. As we rescued them.