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  1. Hi and thank you!! When we got him he was already eating feed. We only give him 3oz, in the am and again in the pm. We let him graze during the day, do no hay at night. We feel he's getting do big g do fast! Trying to clean his hooves has been a challenge, an advice? Please
  2. Thank you, Debby-LB! He was born April 6 and we got him on August 19. He was already halter trained. He seemed fine on the lead,but sometimes had a lot of energy. He is territorial with his food. We only give him a small amount of grain, as he's on pasture for most of the day. Because she's been staying late at school, she hasn't been able to handle him on a daily basis. Could this be the reason? We are in the process of building a barn for him. He is currently in a calf hut to keep him in overnight. Before he came to our hut, we had him in a nice sized stall for two weeks, as we were in the process of moving She was grooming him in the stall, but couldn't do his hooves. One time during his first week with us, he was eating in the big stall and my daughter nudged him to move over a bit and he bucked, hitting her leg, which hurt, quite a bit! Currently, we cannot tie him up anywhere to groom. We intend on getting a doeling goat as his companion. For now, he is alone. He was used to so many others before we got him. She eventually would like to train him to drive. Are there any tutorials on beginning steps? Thanks again!
  3. She hasn't used a long line yet. Would that help?
  4. Yes, he started to buck when she put him on the lead. He went around a little, then he didn't want to listen and put his ears back and bucked.
  5. Hi All, I'm new to the forum. Our mini foal colt has been with us since 8/17. He's now 5 months old.He's had to adjust to two different stalls. We got him for our 12 year old daughter who, eventually would like to drive him. He is very sweet, but lately, is beginning to buck and I'm worried for my daughter. Any advise would be helpful please, and thanks!