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  1. Turns out she has luxated patellas. Surgery is the only option. Still thriving with my assistance nursing every hour. I’m half dead, but she’s worth it. My MIL won’t cover the cost of surgery so I will be working on finding a vet school willing to do the surgery.
  2. My MIL has the stud and he’s the same height give or take an inch as the mare and smaller bodied.
  3. Yup, I had some rancher friends stop by and they said the same thing. We estimated she was due June/July so she is possibly a month over due. I’ll be up with her every hour tonight and they said she should loosen up within a few days as long as I can keep her nursing and alive.
  4. Unfortunely it isn’t that easy. She is my MIL’s who purchased her for my daughter and bred her. She lives with us but I am not in a financial situation to have a vet come out, we are very rural. She is very experienced with horses and has asked around and everyone has told her it would be fine. My concern is greater as I am the one having to essentially keep her alive at this point and am looking for a little more guidance.
  5. We just had our first baby this AM. She was probably an hour or two old when I found her. She is now probably 7-8 hours old. She can stand, but her rear legs are tucked under her and she is unable to nurse without assistance. She will attempt to nurse and then fall down before she can latch. I’ve been assisting her and she’s made multiple bowel movements and urinated. She basically lays down and sleeps unless she is up to nurse. Most of my equine friends think it will resolve over a few days but I cannot find much info about this anywhere. I’m assuming it is contracted tendons? I’ve worked on gently stretching her legs when she’s laying down. I’ve included a photo for reference. Any help is much appreciated!