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  1. Apparently she has foaled before? But I truly have no idea.. I just wish she was friendly and I could have the vet to her to check her out properly! I’ll still keep a close eye on her but I am almost ready to dismiss it now. Surely I would have seen some signs, I have watched her for hours over the past 2 weeks and nothing at all..
  2. However, Going off when we are pretty sure we got her she would be nearly 339 days now tho, so is that even possible???
  3. Still no baby!! ? her body shape changed over the last 2 days though, she almost doesn’t look pregnant anymore! Her udders still look the same.
  4. Thank you!! I’ve let her out and she’s running around like crazy!!! Literally! She is by herself & close to the house so I will keep an eye on her.. No change in feed.. Yes, I let our vet know yesterday thank you again!
  5. And she has just done a sloppy light coloured poo if that means anything???
  6. Good Morning!! This Morning, Gypsy seems very agitated, pacing the barn, shaking her head & kicking the ground etc. I’m unsure if I should let her out as I have done each day? She’s definitely trying to get out but It wouldn’t really be safe for her to birth in the paddock if that’s what’s happening..?
  7. Thank you very much Chandab! I really appreciate your help! I suppose she is going to be a wait & see!! Patients is not my best attribute unfortunately! ? I have armed myself with as much info I could in the past week so I’m hoping that I’m somewhat prepared! Not the ideal situation tho considering we know very little really! Thank you again!
  8. Thank you very much for your help Ryan I have put her in the barn the last 2 nights so I know she is safe. She is doing more rolling & butt scratching than usual and I’ve definitely noticed her biting at her belly! I just fed her and watched her closely but I think the only movement is that of her breathing? I’m so unsure!! Definitely tempted to call a vet but I know she won’t go anywhere near them so I’m not sure if I’m wasting my time and theirs!?!? ?
  9. I’m in Australia.. I have been trying to watch for movement while eating & haven’t seen anything too obvious, I’ll try and get a little closer. Just worked out our dates and we have had her much longer than I realised.. my daughter picked her on Sept 13 2017 so if she is then she would definitely be close..?
  10. Thank you Ryan, I have no idea how long they were together for but it was a permanent arrangement I think..