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    Pregnant or Fat??

    How long do you recon she would be from foaling? Once you finally catch her she just freaks out so tried to worm her with paste but I think she spat 99% of it back out then she won’t eat anything from a bucket so I can’t use the one you put with food unfortunately. She’s just been on heaps off grass and hay. I couldn’t see her or the filly go to meat there was so many but I can’t save them all ? her little filly is so cute and since separating she’s doing so well.
  2. Rockinghorse

    Pregnant or Fat??

    Thankyou! And from what I can see yes but Bub has only been separated from her for a couple of days and your can’t get close enough to underneath her without trying to kick unfortunately. She’s still very skinny but her tummy is huge!
  3. Hey guys I purchased this little mare and her filly about a month ago from the dogggers kill pen.i think her filly would be around 1 And she was quite big but just thought it was fat and an older horse but lately I’m starting to think she is pregnant again, her tummy has recently dropped as well, what to you guys think? Thankyou!