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  1. Canchaser19

    Help Me!!

    Not yet. He's still with the breeder so I haven't gotten to see his full personality yet! Thank you for the suggestions its much appreciated!
  2. Canchaser19

    Help Me!!

  3. Canchaser19

    Help Me!!

    @Ryan Johnson That is cute I like it!
  4. Canchaser19

    Help Me!!

    Mom's name is Heaven's View Mistee and Dad's name is Chrome's Whistle Blower Junior!
  5. Canchaser19

    Estimated height

    One way to estimate his height it to take a string and measure from his elbow down to his hoof then take the end that was at his hoof and raise it up over his withers and this is about how tall he will be!
  6. Canchaser19

    Help Me!!

    Hey guys this is my first post so we shall see how it goes! I need help coming up with a registered name for my new little guy. I usually like to include a piece from mom and dad's registered names but open to anything. Only thing is it MUST start with Chrome or Chromes. Thank You!