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  1. Can anyone suggest a fly mask that will fit my two mini weanlings?

  2. After much deliberation regarding the pros/cons of getting two weanlings at the same time I have decided to do it!

    I do have good support and a trainer lined up so I'm hoping i can handle it.  I was hoping someone could now give me advice regarding lightweight, small trailers to haul my little treasures.



  3. Ginaoz

    New mom needs advice

    The bonding to me is one of my top concerns. Thank you for your advice. I'm so excited to be a new mom but overwhelmed at the same time. I know most people don't start their horse career at 54 and so I appreciate any advice. Someone suggested a goat so maybe I should re-visit that suggestion.
  4. I am going to be picking up not only my first mini but my first horse ever in a week or two after she is weaned. I have a stable arranged and a trainer picked out for both of us. My question for all of you with mini experience is whether I should also get two? I've been told by several "experts" that keeping a weanling by herself in a stall is less than ideal even if I work with her daily. The ranch I am purchasing her from has several colts available that I could take at the same time. I would have him gelded as soon as possible. What do you all think? Am I crazy or would it be a good idea? Sincerely, Gina Novato, Ca