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  1. Havent felt any movement.. I am seeing the changes in the belly also, shes had 1 foal many years ago with her past owner. Im still unsure at this point. Ive searched this forum and seen many others like her than ended up being just little fattys lol . thanx for you input
  2. Here's pic of progression
  3. Hi We have been having daily rain so just got a chance to get new pics today. I see she has the droplet on the ends but I didn't get anything out.
  4. These pics are from July 12th
  5. I'm also questioning if my lil jenny is bred, shes also been in with my mini jack, hes not shown interest in her facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1112643332224499&id=580690055419832
  6. I haven't been able to tell. My donkey jack has been around her n my jenny n he Pays them no attention. Another mini mare with them he harasses constantly n she doesn't appear bred
  7. I'll get more pix today.. she's only had one other foal many years ago to my knowledge.
  8. Hi yall. 11 year old 29 " mini mare was exposed to mini jack late summer to late fall last year. Has some swelling in front of udder