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  1. Zergling

    Newbie to the forum.

    That's just my routine and mine gain weight easily so I'm extra careful. I know some people that feed it all year round for coat problems and even as a general nutrition additive. If yours are at a healthy weight I couldn't see why not. None of mine are seniors yet.
  2. Zergling

    Newbie to the forum.

    Pretty horses Pony.Mom. Glad to hear you rescued them. I have two rescues myself. One was literally on the truck with the next stop being the zoo for lion meat. Perfectly healthy and well behaved. Just an unwanted mini donkey. The guy tasked with hauling him called me last minute. I said yes and he made a pit stop here. We are glad to have him. I feed mine flax seed oil during shedding but only then. Never heard of BOSS until now. I give mine a quarter cup of Equalizer/Equimax whatever its called every day. Free choice mineral block. Nothing else except good quality hay. I don't give the hay free choice because our hay is high quality and they will blow up like balloons if I let them have what they want. Once they get fat its hard to get them slim again and they can have issues very quickly. They've got decent pasture for forage. I use a measuring tape and measure the fattest part of their belly about 10 inches from the last hair of their mane. I measure once a month and it helps me accurately monitor their weight. Its hard to tell when the winter coats come in as it makes them look like they gained 50 lbs. The tape tells the truth. My neighbor let her pony get too fat and blew the feet off the poor guy. He's still around but foundered so bad he'll probably never be the same again.
  3. Zergling

    Magic Marker clip

    Such a cutey!
  4. Zergling

    Dapper Dan's birthday

    He is adorable. Happy Birthday Dapper Dan.
  5. Zergling

    Can a pinto lose his colour?

    I'm relatively new to the horse scene and have only had the one foal thus far but at 3.5 years I think her final color, a silver black with dapple, is here to stay. Her first year she was very light, almost the same color as her mom's flaxen mane with no dapples. The next season her silver black started to appear on her face and legs with no dapple. This year her winter coat was light with silver but when she shed her sliver black was much more pronounced and she has lots of dapples.
  6. Zergling

    Heritage of mini horses lines

    Great looking horses.
  7. Zergling

    Kodak Moments

    Luck enough to catch a full rainbow after a much needed thunderstorm the other day. I had to take two photos to get it all.
  8. Zergling


    I only have one chicken remaining. The others passed gradually over the years. She is 8 years old and still lays eggs, although not every. She's ridiculously friendly. Just likes to hang out when we work around the farm. Sometimes she just sits with us on the deck. Here we are relaxing in the garage. I offered her some coffee and yes she took some. Must have been the sugar
  9. Zergling

    Opinions on how he looks

    I think they both look pretty good. Not over or under weight. Both are definitely cuties.
  10. Zergling

    Kodak Moments

    My favorite photo I've ever taken
  11. Zergling

    Getting back into the routine

    Like Ryan says he looks great for 22. I wouldn't worry about the grey. Horses are like people and dogs in this respect. Some go grey early. My dogs muzzle has started to grey at age 5. My last dogs muzzle greyed at about the same age, 5 or 6, and she lived to be 15 which is great for her breed. My old quarter horse was 29 when he left and he had no grey at all.
  12. Zergling

    Getting back into the routine

    LOL that photo caught him with his tongue hanging out. My stallion is a bit of a trouble maker. Lately he's been amusing himself trying to pull the door off its hinges and pulling on the gate. His other favorite pastime used to be knocking his water bucket over, flipping it over his head and running around like a fool with it on his head. I may have video of that somewhere. Hilarious.
  13. Zergling

    Baby Pictures!!!

    He is so adorable. He'll be a pretty one for sure.
  14. Zergling

    What color would you call this coat?

    You are probably right. Here is her sire. I was curious more than anything. We aren't planning for any more breedings any time soon.
  15. Zergling

    What color would you call this coat?

    It won't me post more than one photo sometimes, even when I know they are below the max total size and even if they aren't in the same post. I'll try again later.