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  1. Beauty13

    New To Pony's and need advice

    I forgot to include, that she is in fact missing some teeth. I haven't seen her drop hay, but I have seen her trying to look like a farmer. She'll have one piece of long grass or straw sticking outside her mouth to the side. I have a vet coming out in 3 weeks to geld my donkey, I'm going to have him deliberately look at her teeth after he gives her her shots. She is 13.1 hands. What website do you guys deem the best for pony tack and gear? I've gone to local stores and haven't had much luck finding things that'll fit her properly. I've been on the search for good fly gear. Her skin is better, but I just want to make sure I'm prepared this year. The bugs are brutal here and just sprays I don't feel are as beneficial. Plus, it's a never ending cycle with her skin trying to heal fully, then I put chemicals on it or she just gets eaten up. I feel like this is a never ending fight.
  2. Beauty13

    New To Pony's and need advice

    Thanks guys! Yes, I worm the farm every spring and fall. Ok, I'll start looking at senior diets. I've seen the Sho-Glo that you're talking about, I'll definitely give that a try! Forgive my ignorance... What does this "bloom" mean? Like their look/personality once they are fully back in health?
  3. Beauty13

    New To Pony's and need advice

    Hi guys! I just joined the forum! I've been reading and learning a lot on here and admire all the experience this forum provides. So here's my story: I grew up on a farm, then went away to city life. In corporate america I was working ungodly hours and didn't really have a life or even get to spend time with my family. After 15 years we decided to save up and buy a farm!!! We wanted to live a more wholesome life while enjoying it at the same time. So, now I'm a poultry and goat farmer! I still work a day job, but it doesn't carry near the stress as my previous one. If anyone has any questions about goats or Poultry I'm your lady! With this new fun adventure we've been on I decided to rescue a Hackney Pony from going to the meat shop. She was taken by ASPCA down in FL due to neglect. She was completely emaciated and had her leather cart pulling tack still on. (sorry I'm new to pony terminology) FL was looking for a place to take her. Living in GA close to the border I found out about her and offered to take her. I figured I always wanted a horse and what better way to learn than to learn with her. She had been eaten up alive with all the bugs down in FL, and the tack that was left on her rubbed her raw and she was missing a lot of her fur, including her mane. Fast forward 7 months, reading countless articles and watching Youtube... this is what Beauty looks like now! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tOXaufWPxCKGCPbbCL70cdWzV-gpK-zR/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/11bg6FT-sIewtMFVWHfl4zZd-VwN-4O8x/view?usp=sharing Here are my questions: 1. How do I get her mane to grow faster/fuller/healthier? Her diet consists of: ~Purina miniature horse and pony ~Alfa Alfa Pellets ~whole oats ~Small amount of sweet feed ~Treats (once a day after I walk her) ~Occasionally coconut oil mixed with feed (helped her recover from bug bites and raw skin) ~Pasture 2. She's a senior pony I found out, vet said appr. 20... she doesn't act like it though. What products do you use on their coats to make them shiny? I've used Coconut oil, Mane and Tail and show sheen. 3. Any other recommendations? Ultimately I want her to drive again! Everyone said she was an ugly old pony, but I see her beauty! She's no show pony, but she's my baby. She follows me like a puppy and always comes running to the fence when she see's me pull up in the drive way. I've become passionate about Hackney's and ultimately want to get more!