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  1. Opie2017

    cow hocked 2 year old

    Just curious, how long does it take a foal not to be cow hocked? My two year old looks to be cow hocked and my farrier said she is trimming so he grows right but he is still a bit cow hocked. '
  2. Opie2017

    Advice on Horse therapy training

    I do not think you are being harsh at all, all the advice given will be greatly appreciated. I know about wheel chairs, walkers. He does get patted a lot all over, we live in a small down and don't have access to wheel chairs, walkers but we have been looking in yard sales. I was working a lot so haven't had much time for training him. now working less so I can now spend more time with him and expose him to more surroundings. Infact the next parade we have I will be bringing him it etc. Thank you for all the information
  3. Opie2017

    Advice on Horse therapy training

    I only walk him around the neighborhood sometimes and if we have visitors they greet him outside the fenced in area. I will def looked into the insurance. He is pretty calm now so I see him being even more calm when he is a gelded.
  4. Opie2017

    Advice on Horse therapy training

    Nursing homes, group homes or even private homes, places with consumers with disabilities. Basically meet and greet, where they can pat the minis, hug them etc. Here is a headshot with the mini, I will be using for therapy. Right now he is about 29 inches tall and little over 2 years old.
  5. I would like to get my miniature horse 2 year old colt trained to be a therapy horse. I know # 1 getting him gelding and I understand what to do about desensitizing him but what do I need to do to get him qualified (like where to begin etc) Thank you
  6. Opie2017

    My colt is 2 years old and hasn't dropped yet

    Yes, Either way he will be gelded and yes I keep him separated from my mare. I checked him out by just looking and touched the area. I can feel pea sized lumps
  7. Is it true that surgery could be very expensive getting him gelded IF he has not dropped by now?
  8. I don't think I have asked this question, I have a 2 year old colt that will just lay down when being led around. Its like a child dropping on the floor and pulling a temper tantrum when being told to pick up their toys. He doesn't do it all the time but when my daughter leads him around he will just slowly lay down on the ground, when he doesn't want to do anything. Anyone have advice? Thank you all advice is appreciated
  9. Opie2017

    Anyone elses minis do this "Just Because"

    This is the result of Luna standing on her bucket. we know there is no way for her to reach this. But Luna found away, we found the bucket upside down and this on the floor. She is a problem child :P Anyone want to adopt a problem child? (joking of course )
  10. My Mare will literally dump her bucket of water and do this, sometimes she will stand on her bucket up to two minutes. All she does is stand on it and look around :P
  11. Opie2017

    Opinions on how he looks

    she is 36 inches tall, 45 girth and 41.5 length Here is Opie and Luna video-1533576749.mp4
  12. Opie2017

    Opinions on how he looks

    Yes it is, but it is reading her weight at 239 that doesn't sound right. I have been measuring her length with a straight line and in the picture it shows them doing it at an angle. I don't know if that will make a difference, I tried now its reading her weight at 252
  13. Opie2017

    Opinions on how he looks

    Chandab, I found something online you measure girth and length some type of calculator that estimates the weight. Thanks Ryan Johnson, I just thought she looked bigger than last year and was a bit worried she had gained too much
  14. Opie2017

    Opinions on how he looks

    I don't have different angles of her but I can take more pictures, I have one other picture of her and the second one of her last year. I don't have a weight tape, I keep track of her weight by measuring girth and length (estimating her weight at 290). How accurate is that?. I can not feel her spine or ribs, I don't have to push hard when trying to feel for them
  15. Opie2017

    Opinions on how he looks

    here is my mare, just wondering if she is too fat. She is 37 inches tall and how does she look? Thanks for all the advice