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  1. Hi Golden, I am anxiously waiting to bring home Dayspring Sparkle Shimmer and Shine. He will be weaned soon. He is a son of Dayspring I mean to Shine. He is such a sweetheart and will fit right in with my little herd. Nike and Nikita.


  2. GoldenTree

    Help Naming Please

    He should she'd out to dark bay or black. Sire's name is Stratavarious, Dams name is Berry Presumptuous.
  3. GoldenTree

    Help Naming Please

    I have a Blind Arabian Colt that I need help Naming. Not Stevie though. All suggestions welcome!
  4. Where's summer.

    1. Ryan Johnson

      Ryan Johnson

      here in Australia and Im not willing to give it up, just yet lol :)

  5. GoldenTree

    Self-made Miniature Horse Pack Saddle

    Thank you for sharing! I'm a goat packer myself who recently fell in love with mini's, so much so that I brought a filly home yesterday. I have hope that my filly will enjoy trails enough to fit her with a saddle someday.