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  1. Oh, I'm sorry. I babbled and wasn't clear. The 4 1/2 month old hasn't lost his baby fuz yet but looks like he's going to be what us 'big horse' people call liver chestnut. Thought maybe silver dapple but mane and tail are both coming in dark too. The grey expinto is 3yrs. No idea when he went white, his baby picture was chestnut pinto.
  2. Of course!! You're a genious!!!! I'm so used to the big horses where grey isn't, normally, bred with pinto or appy I never thought of that. Yes, 4 months is too early to geld. My vet was out for shots when the whole when do I have to separate him discussion started. I thought I had till he was closer to a year, I was wrong, so the new guy moved in. I am in denial that this could be the start of a mini herd ?
  3. HI, I have a couple questions and figure this is the best place to ask! My mini colt is 4 1/2 months old and has twice started to shed out his baby fuzz but still has most of it. At 3 weeks he lost it on the front of his face then stopped and at 3 months he lost it on his cheeks (mostly), and on his legs up to his knees and hocks and then stopped again. Any ideas on what's happening or is he just being special? LOL! I also have a 3 year old gelding that I just got from a local rescue so he can have a friend. Long story short above colt hasn't dropped his testicles yet and only has girls to go out with so he needs a buddy when he gets separated by 6 months to be absolutely certain no oops happen. My vet thought he could feel one before it disappeared so we are waiting to see if they appear. Anyway back to the question. This little one is all white but I was given a baby picture of him and his head and neck were chestnut when he was born. Has anyone heard of them losing their colour or is it a mix up and not his baby picture? It doesn't matter, I'm just curious and the people here seem to know everything :)
  4. Taz

    Can it be real?

    This might help you to post pictures, I got it to work and I'm awful with anything techy. Downloaded 'email pictures' app from the play store to my phone. Took pictures then opened app and selected and resized them to small. I then emailed them to myself and opened them on my chromebook and downloaded them. Posted those files here and it worked great. Sounds like a lot but didn't t take very long. Good luck!
  5. Taz

    Magic Marker 2018

    OOOOH!! Can't wait to see what you get! Sending happy and healthy baby and momma thoughts your way. Good luck with the crazy weather