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  1. Northwolf

    Your Drive Day

    @MajorClementine Oh yes, this is a great motivator to drive with teams. Even when it's "only" a couple, it's much more efficient and definitely more fun, for the horses too. But the disadvantage of a 4-in-hand team is that I need a helper... with a couple or a triple I often drive alone (I know; this is not the way to go and I wouldn't recommend to drive alone at all). @Cayuse Thanks! Yes, he looks great and I'm very carefully with him and his health. One evening, I called the emergency vet because Domino had a colic, and the vet (who was never saw him before) thought Domino is not older than 20... ๐ŸคฃDomino has osteoarthrosis in both ankle joints and it's sadly the most severe type of arthrosis called osteolytic arthrosis. The joints were hardly distructed last time they made X-rays. But this is almost 6 years ago and there's still no lameness and he's still the chief of the herd. Hopefully it will persist the next years. I take him out for little walks usually 2-4 times a week. Yes, he enjoys the short drives, although he did not pull that much. I think Peanut will calm down the more you take him out to strange places. My stallion Massai has BIG problems to control his emotions when other horses were around... but the last few years, he calmed down and when we were at the last competition, no one noticed that he's a stallion ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  2. Northwolf

    Your Drive Day

    @MajorClementine It makes me happy to hear you started again with driving!!! ๐Ÿ˜„ @Cayuse But Peanut is gelded, isn't he? I have great news about my horses! I took Teddy to an equine vet clinic to check up his breathing problems. They found out he has a minimal restricted trachea, but it's not as bad and his lung is all ok. The vets gave me the OK to continue working with him normally! ๐Ÿ˜„They recommended to clip him in the winter months to facilitate work for him and confirmed that he's a little bit lazy. I'm soooo happy to have assurance about him, so I can drive him without a bad conscience. A few days after this diagnosis, I took him back into the team again and we hitched a 4-in-hand for the very first time with my old shetland!! My shetland is 31 and has bad ankle joints, so we drove very carefully and only a short route. I have a short video: It was AMAZING!!! It's one of my greatest dreams to drive a 4-in-hand one day. What a pity that Domino isn't younger ๐Ÿ˜• I hope to drive a few times more with this team, it's a great feeling and they are working just awesome! I love my minis ๐Ÿ˜
  3. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    omg, just detected I forgot to log my driving hours for the last two weeks... my last entry was from september 26. Luckily I always write down my work with the horses, so it's not lost. september 29: 60 minutes for the team Massai/Moony october 2: 50 minutes with all three Massai/Moony/Teddy october 3: 40 minutes with the team Massai/Moony october 4: 60 minutes with the team Massai/Moony october 5: 60 minutes for Massai october 6: 40 minutes with the team Massai/Moony/Teddy october 7: 60 minutes with the team Massai/Moony/Teddy october 11: 80 minutes with the team Massai/Moony, 60 minutes for Teddy october 12: 50 minutes with the team Massai/Moony/Teddy october 14: 30 minutes with the team Massai/Moony/Teddy Thanks a lot and sorry about this mess... I'll try to log more frequent next time
  4. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    I forgot to log my hours of the last week... september 21: 50 minutes for Massai september 22: 70 minutes for the team Massai/Moony september 23: 70 minutes for Massai september 25: 60 minutes for the team Massai/Moony september 26: 40 minutes 3-in-hand Massai/Moony/Teddy Thanks!
  5. Northwolf


    Congrats to the new horse!! :D He looks very pleasant, and he's a handsome boy! I like his colour and his size too :)
  6. Northwolf

    Your Drive Day

    ... and a few more
  7. Northwolf

    Your Drive Day

    Yes, of course ?
  8. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    40 minutes for the team Massai/Moony on monday
  9. Northwolf

    Your Drive Day

    @Cayuse Interesting that Peanut scares about big horses. My horses all "like" big horses and want to say hello allways we see some of them :) Normally, the horses are frightened about my minis! Yes, exactly. Dynamic endoscopy allows them to scope while the horse is moving. I hope the equipment will fit the small size of Teddy; my vets endoscope is a little too large and it was not very comfortable for Teddy. @Marsha Cassada Oh, what a pity :( Collapsed esphagus seems to be something different. Does your sisters mini had problems with breathing too? Yes, you're right. Moony was (and is) a little bit reactive. He scares about everything: cows, big machines, trucks, colourful things like garden gnomes :D and so on. But it's getting better step by step, I'm very proud of him that he's doing so well. I think the team driving really helps! And routine, routine, routine...
  10. Northwolf

    Your Drive Day

    @Cayuse Sounds great! Peanut will become an awesome competition driving pony! ? @Marsha Cassada Moony has popping knee joints. He never had a problem with this, he's moving normally (until now). The popping is getting better the more muscles he gained. I keep my fingers crossed the mare is ok! I have received some pictures of our competition adventure: We met a team of percherons. They did the same cones trail course as we did. And we already thought it was very difficult... OMG Last week, I didn't drive much. We had a lot of other activities. I picked the ponies up for a swim in the lake one evening (I have TONS of photos - do you want to see some?). And the dentist was here. And the vet was here too to make an endoscopy of Teddys trachea because he had an abnormal breathing when he's working. He did not found the cause, so I'll bring Teddy in a vet clinic in two week where they can make a dynamic endoscopy. After the endoscopy, Teddy has an imflammation on his larynx, so I took him only out for walks, no driving for the moment. Hope he'll recover fast and I hope they will find out what's the problem in his breathing. I had a miniature shetland years ago who had a tracheal collapse and I had a big pony with COPD longer ago. Teddy hasn't the same symptoms and it seems not to be that bad right now, but I want to know about BEFORE it starts to be very bad. oh, and I had a little adventure with Moony. I hitched him on saturday to the sulky. He did great, but as we cantered up a hill, the breeching was skittered up, under his tail. He frightened and his reaction was to kick against. I got him back under control after a few kicks and drove along. After a few minutes I realized one of the cords was between his legs. I immediatly stopped to fix it, and we continued. He luckily go ahead like usual. At home, I saw he was injured on his inner tigh because of the cord. I was a really stupid driver! He had a rest now for one day. He's such a great horse that he's not freaking out!
  11. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    Not much driving last week... we had a lot of other activities like swimming in the lake, dentists and vets visit. Tuesday 50 minutes for the 3-in-hand team friday 30 minutes ground driving for Teddy saturday 70 minutes for Moony sunday 40 minutes for Massai
  12. Northwolf

    Your Drive Day

    @MajorClementine and @Marsha Cassada don't give up! your time will come and sometimes, things that takes longer are the better ones. I keep my fingers crossed for you both! I was on my very first driving competition yesterday. I drove my stallion Massai in a team with a pony owned by a good friend who was my groom at this competition. It was kind of a CDE, but without dressage. In the morning, we had to drive on a trail through the city and solve several quests on the route. It was about 6 or 7 miles and we had a lot of fun together. Afternoon, there was a cone driving competition. Funny too, but we practiced only once before and so I had a few (3 out of 16 obstacles) mistakes. The boys were just amazing!!! The people didn't notice Massai is a stallion, his behaviour was just awesome! I didn't expect that, he normally has not the best behaviour if other horses are around. My friends horse was also doing very well, he's a little bit jumpy and scares about traffic. But not this time! He was very cool and both were working as a great team - although they have a height difference of 10 inches (yes, it was looking a bit curious, but it doesn't matter). Unexpected, we had the 3rt place (2nd place had equal scores, but the younger horse team). Next year, we will hopefully drive with two teams or one big (4-in-hand) team. I'm very looking forward!
  13. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    @Cayuse Thanks! Was your ADT this weekend? If not, good luck too :) We had a lot of fun at the competition, I'll write about in the driving day-thread to not produce too much spam in this thread :D Our driving on this weekend and during the week: thursday: 50 minutes 3-in-hand Massai/Teddy/Moony friday: 60 minutes 3-in-hand Massai/Teddy/Moony saturday: 30 minutes for Massai and 40 minutes for Teddy => Massai was in a team with another pony who's not my own... I usually don't drive them together, so I think we can count this as "single driving" for Massai? sunday: over 3 hours driving on the competition with Massai and the other pony
  14. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    Oh yes, we were busy too this weekend! :D it finally cooled down, so it was nice driving weather. 1 hour on saturday with my 3-in-hand team Massai/Moony/Teddy 90 minutes on sunday with Massai, and 50 minutes with the team Teddy/Moony Next weekend, we will start on our very first CDE. I'm very excited!
  15. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    90 minutes for the team Teddy/Massai/Moony on wednesday