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  1. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Surprisingly Mocha!

    If you can take a picture from directly behind at her level; also a picture of her milk bar. If she is atleast five months along you may be able to feel the baby move. If she will let you lean over and run your arms around both sides of her belly, having your fingers touch in front of her milk bar. Works best if she is eating and has had time to eat for about fifteen minutes. Usually can feel the baby bump or roll against your arms or hands. By the time the mare is around seven, eight months along you should be able to see baby moving. You have to be patient, as well as have a patient mare that doesn't care you are hugging her belly. Thank you for saving her and her precious little surprise.
  2. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Newbie to the forum.

    Yes you can feed both. It won't hurt them. Are you feeding senior or ?
  3. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker clip

    We ended up selling her and her 3 year old half sister to a couple who wanted pets. They were only going to get Party Girl but decided she would be better with a companion. Party Girl and Reba get along so it worked out great. Still have Picasso (smoky black tobiano LWO+)(he has turned into a little butt since being weaned- mean to the other two babies), Melody (palomino and the tallest), and Flash (buckskin tobiano LWO+). Flash is the friendliest and Melody is the most standoffish. Worked on halter training the other day and she fought the whole time. Would not give a inch. Worked with her for 15-20 minutes and she only gave in the last 5 minutes. All babies are weaned but Flash still could steal a suck from mom. She is good about positioning herself next to the gate for him to reach. Was fine until a couple days ago when he was able to get under gate. When I went out to get Flash she took off. He didn't move fast enough so grabbed him. She was not happy but she is thin so need her to fatten up before winter. Our pasture is thick with the rain we are getting, so should fatten up fast if she will just concentrate on eatting. Flash can't get to her now.
  4. I think your foal has contracted tendons, not the other think. We have had two foals born with the same problem. One passed away 24 hours after due to difficult delivery. The second one recovered and is completely normal. The foal is big and probably didn't have enough room in the dam. The foal will straighten out with time. May take a couple weeks.
  5. Magic Marker Miniatures


    One day back in April, I went to check on two broody hens. They were nesting in a large tote in the chicken coop. Half the eggs were destroyed. Poor hens had been setting for a couple weeks. Figured the turkeys or peacocks were messing with them and eggs got destroyed. The next night I heard a few chickens making a lot of noise. It was dark, so they should have been roosting. (Was sleeping in the barn with the last of the foaling mares.) Went out with the flashlight to check on them. I saw the two hens that had been setting and the rooster running around and making a fuss. Went in the chicken coop and checked on everyone. The other chickens were all roosting. Started to walk out but decided to lift the lid of the tote. I dropped the lid real quick, there was the biggest possum I'd ever seen in their munching on the remaining eggs. I ran into the house to tell my rommate. We came back out with a hoe. She figured the think would be gone. Nope, still in their. Killed it right then and their. The sad thing, was when I pulled her out, she had babies hanging on. I ended up having to take care of them also so they didn't suffer. Kari felt bad but I told her we had plenty of ticks for the possum. She should have left our eggs alone. The poor hens had to start over. They successfully hatched 12 of 15 eggs the first batch. The second batch was 6 out of 15. They tryed for a third (with the help of a polish) but I think by then the rooster was shooting blanks. Most of the eggs were not fertile. The few that were never fully developed.
  6. We have had mares go clear to 254-255, but they were maidens. Know another breeder that had a mare consistently foal at 365 days. Have a member on here that had a mare that didn't look pregnant and had no signs in the morning, went out that afternoon to a foal standing next to the mare. Mares are tricky and sneaky. I would just keep an eye on her to be sure.
  7. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    All four babies are growing. Need to take pictures and post. Piccaso and Party Girl have been weaned. Both moms were losing weight. We have sold Party Girl and her half sister Reba (3 yr old sorrel pinto) to a older couple. They leave next month. They also had us breed Reba for an extra fee. Melody and Flash are still with their dams until next month. Melody is still very pale colored. Can't see her palomino under her baby fur. She cN only be a palomino (sire cremello and dam sorrel). Flash is a busy body. Loves to get in your space and nibble. He looks like he will be a brown buckskin like his sire. His eyelashes have turned tan so no silver. We have bred 6 mares for next year. Gidget (palomino sabino tobiano), Fabs (bay tobiano splash), and Mysti (black splash LP/lp) have been bred to Ticket (buckskin LWO+). Flutterby (smoky black sabino LWO+) has been bred to Zipit (perlino). Blondie (palomino) has been bred to Casper (cremello). Suzie (grullo) has been bred to Rohan (silver smoky black HZ black and silver). The four mares (Puzzle, Feather, Rain, and Princess) that had babies at their side this year, Wind (lost her foal at two days), and Miata (bay maiden) will be breed next year.
  8. Magic Marker Miniatures

    What color would you call this coat?

    Your mare is probably hiding the silver gene. Only way to know for sure is have her tested. That is probably where you got the silver dapple.
  9. Magic Marker Miniatures

    What color would you call this coat?

    This is Silver. She has some dapples. Her dam is black, no silver. Her sire is smoky silver black. He is homozygous silver and black. He looks like the Rocky Mountain Horse. His mane and tail are also not has blonde as the two fillies. Also is a picture of them together. Sorry pictures are not the best. Walked out barefoot to see if they where up from pasture. Since they were, I just took a couple pics. What color are your fillies sire and dam. His roaning has nothing to do with the silver unless he was a silver bay.