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  1. dalvers63

    What age is to old to start a mini driving

    10 is a great age to start! My mare is 11 and just getting started in CDE. IMO the only time they are too old is when they can't physically pull a cart anymore. Have fun!
  2. dalvers63

    Little more cart help, please!

    Yes those look like the footman’s loops for this cart and would be where the breeching straps attach. If you can get longer straps that would be best. A lot depends on where and how you’re driving. If you are going down hills and need stopping power then I’d suggest longer straps. If you’re mostly flat driving or in the arena then you might be able to get by using some bailing twine to make it slightly longer. If you went that route I’d attach it to the ring on the breeching and then run your strap through. This way you can still get a good grip on the pole with the strap.
  3. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    Darn! Sorry to hear that, it would have been great to see you! They do this show every year so hopefully you can attend next Labor Day. I'll be sure to let you know about other fun shows I hear about. The next one I know of (but don't have any solid info yet) is September 18th in Spanaway. It is a "purple" benefit show for a local person who recently passed away. I can always find out more info if you like. I haven't decided if I will be going yet as that is the day after I return from my annual tuna fishing trip. Tomorrow we're off to a Back to Back driving trial. Two days of dressage, cones, and a mini marathon.
  4. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    Mikey and I spent all of yesterday at the fair (Monroe, last day of the Evergreen State Fair for those that are local) and participated in a fun show for minis and ponies. There were mostly minis with one or two Shetlands in attendance. I took part in all the carriage classes. It was great practice for him to have to stand harnessed up with people and horses all around while we waited between classes. He finally relaxed, cocked a hip, and went to sleep. I was very proud of him! We do need to work on different gaits. He's got a slow jog and a fast trot but doesn't really know the difference between them when I ask. A lot of that is me, so now we have goals for the winter. We did place second in the driving hazards class. My only trouble there was knowing where the wheels of my cart were as I wasn't able to get them to go through the poles lined up on the ground. All in all, it was a fun day of meeting people and exercise for the boy. Hopefully he's ready now for our last CDE meet up this weekend!
  5. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    My trainer recommended using a kicking strap if only because of the damage a horse can do to itself and the cart IF they have any issues. I am a firm believer in it is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
  6. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    What a great place to drive! That's one thing I haven't found a lot of around here (at least in Western WA) open places without lots of gates to maneuver around with the cart. It looks like you had wonderful weather, too.
  7. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    I think Rowdy's got the right idea. Now that Mikey knows that I mean it when I ask, most of the time we take our time and enjoy the scenery!
  8. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    I had/have this issue with Mikey. He can definitely be lazy if allowed. When I spoke to my trainer he asked me, on a scale of 1-10, how hard I was using my driving whip when needing the aid. I told him probably a 2, he suggested upping it to a 4. We then went around again with a couple of reinforcements at the higher level. We then sat and chatted for a few minutes and when I started up again and asked for a trot he moved right out with no hesitation. Since then he's starting to understand the difference between a jog and a trot. I'm hoping that our next competition in a few weeks will show a marked improvement.
  9. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    Great to see everyone getting out and about! On the topic of husbands, mine is more into horses with me than going fishing with me so that helps. He's learned to harness and hitch Mikey all by himself and I think I'll get him driving soon, especially now that I have the new easy entry cart.
  10. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    Yep, they buckle on the ends. Since the only other reins I've had also had a buckle I had no idea that they were made without buckles. I was taught by my trainer to put the end of the reins (buckled) over my pinky finger so that you keep them off the ground and also have a hold of them no matter what happens. Seeing all the great photos makes me wish I could have Mikey at my home. I have all kinds of work he could be doing! :-)
  11. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    I got the Rebel (in metallic purple no less). I added in the marathon shafts and wheels so I'm hoping that it will be a good vehicle for pretty much anything I want to do. Last night I practiced braiding Mikey's mane. He thought he had it good until he had to stand in the cross ties for about 2 hrs. In the end we found that a nice running braid is going to work best. I tried to get pictures but he wasn't cooperating. I'll get some next week when we braid him for the show. I did get a picture of my new reins to go with the purple cart. They're actually a bit darker color than what shows in the picture. I love the grippy ends, too!
  12. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    Yes, my whole harness is synthetic. I really like the brown lining, it contrasts nicely with pony and works well with my wood Meadowbrook style cart. Even the owner at my barn thought it was leather initially until he touched it. In the end he was pretty happy with using it while training. My cart is coming from Frey Carriage Co. It will be here (fingers crossed) the day before I have to leave for the CDE so I may or may not be able to use it. The wood cart will work fine if needed so at least I have that going for me. I'll get a picture of the reins tonight. They're in my truck waiting to go to the barn when I get off work. Had a good drive last night though I could tell that Mikey was very interested in his dinner. Every time we went around the track he would keep turning his head towards the barn. I finally decided to not fight with him, did some circles and backing and then went in so he could finish dinner. I also talked to the barn manager, Emma, who gives dressage lessons and think I'm going to take some to help with my driving. I've done very little riding and haven't ever taken lessons on a well trained horse so it will be fun. Plus I get to ride a Friesain so that's a plus! Tonight will be all about braiding. I'm sure Mr Mikey will be pleased
  13. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    Marsha - the Comfy also has a strap that connects the breast collar to the saddle. He's got so much hair it's hard to see. With that in mind, either today or tomorrow we're going to spend time on braiding to see what works best for his mane. A little over a week and we'll be at our first competition. Eek!
  14. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    That's the main reason I love my Comfy Fit. The last time we finished driving I just took it out to the wash rack, sprayed it down and scrubbed off the sweat then hung it to dry. By the time I was done bathing Mikey it was ready to put away. I picked up a pair of reins from Tammy, too! I haven't seen them yet - the husband said they arrived on Saturday and I just never looked for them yesterday. Mine are purple and black to match my (hopefully soon to arrive) new marathon cart. I can't wait to give them a try. We had a short but very successful drive yesterday. While our heat can't compare to the rest of the country, here in the PNW it's been in the mid to high 80s which is warm for us so I haven't gotten out much over the last few days. I had an hour or so yesterday morning and we were able to run through our dressage test in the grass and go about a kilometer around the track. Mikey was on his best behavior even when hitching. We've been working on 'stand' and each time he gets a bit better. Earlier last week there was someone visiting the stable and she took some pictures for me. The first ones I have of him in condition with both of us.
  15. dalvers63

    Your Drive Day

    The nice thing with Larry is he's done many years of dressage both driving and riding. He's quite the character and I highly recommend him if he's close to anyone and offering lessons. We had a nice drive last night though I did find that Mikey had gotten a small rub from his boot on his right front. It's minor but because of that we didn't use his boots last night when we were working. I picked up an older Garmin GPS watch so I could judge pace and distance better than with a stopwatch. I always thought that he was slow but it turns out that even without boots (which slows him down a bit) we averaged just under 9 kph which is perfect pace. We did 4.14 kilometers last night and when we were done it was good to see that he wasn't even breathing hard. This definitely makes me feel better about the upcoming marathon. I won't be able to drive again until Sunday morning so it will be good to see how he does after a few days off.