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  1. Cayuse


    How is he doing today?
  2. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    35 minutes on yesterday of driving Peanut 20 minutes ground driving Cappy yesterday, too.
  3. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    Nice video Northwolf! Your Shetland looks great, I bet he is happy to get out for a short jaunt now and then. And good news about Teddy . Yes, Peanut is gelded, but he was gelded late. He finds other geldings to be threatening and he needs to be the boss over them, and mares are just delightful . I had thought of getting his hormones tested, but what good would it do? He is what he is, and with more exposure and training, he is learning to deal with his emotions. We are going to another ADT soon, so it will be interesting to see his reactions this time out. We are hoping for a less "big" response to a new environment, and a response that is shorter in duration. Last time it took about 1.5 hours for him to settle. I would be happy if he took an hour this time. Once he sees it all and gets the giggles out of his system, he is fine. I think he just need milage under his belt and to see more of the world. MC, The C clamp is a good idea, right now I am using shoe laces and looping it through and tying them. We did get the footman's loops attached, we screwed them on. I got U shaped ones from Tractor Supply, not real footman's loops, but close enough. I did buy the cart :-). Good luck with Perry today, hope it goes easy for him. It has been cold here, too. No snow though, but cold enough for hat and jacket.
  4. Cayuse

    Kodak Moments

    First thing I thought of was Canada when I saw the picture, then I see you are from Canada! Our maple leaves here in New Hampshire are just starting to turn.
  5. Cayuse


    Oh yuk. That is NO fun to have to deal with. Would that be the same thing as strangles? I can see where it would be hard to keep them quarantined from each other if everything is a swampy mess. I would bet DD does have some immunity, being an older horse. A few years ago, both my older ponies got snotty noses. It was in Feb and they hadn't left the property in six months. Never did figure out what it was. It ran its course in about 4/5 days. They never coughed or had a temp, just lots of boogers. Hopefully Nugget will be the same and will be as good as new in a day or so.
  6. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    We supposedly don't have bobcats here although one or two may have been spotted up in the mountains. Can I have 45 minutes for last friday, 30 minutes Saturday, 20 minutes Sunday, and 35 minutes today of driving for Peanut. And 20 minutes of ground driving for Cappy :-) Thanks!
  7. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    What do you think the predator was? Hawk?
  8. Thanks for the picture, it helps a lot in explaining it to hubby!
  9. MC can I bother you for a picture of how your husband put them on? If your cart is with you and not in AZ, that is :-). What did you use for the footmans loops, did you improvise with something or get the "real deal?" I have a cart on trial right now and I love it, but no loops. If I can figure out an easy way to do the loops, I am going to buy it. I have heard there is a way to wrap the hold backs so the locktight and footman's loops would be unnecessary, but darned if I can figure that one out.
  10. Cayuse


    Looks like the harness fits well. Nugget is put together really nicely. Funny how they are all built so differently, sometimes in surprising ways. Cappy is about 2 inches shorter than P-nut but his back is quite a bit longer, he is built like a "hot dog". Cappy's neck is longer, too, come to think of it. What do you use the ramp for? Do you put them up on a platform to groom them? I wish I had a stand for mine when it is clipping time.
  11. I was thinking about screws, but would drilling through the shafts compromise their integrity? Good idea about the welding, I do know a welder, buddy of hubby, so maybe that would work. He did some work on my horse trailer, so this should be easy.
  12. Has anyone added footman's loops to a metal cart? If you have, how did you go about it? Thank you!
  13. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    MC my Kingston cart came with the singletree that you just ordered and it is great, easy to work with. I am trying out a cart right now and it has the wooden singletree that you slip the traces over, they are a tight fit and it makes me nervous that I won't get the traces on far enough, but if the rest of the cart is a "go" I guess I can figure something out to secure it better. We tookPeanut over to the instructors for a lesson this morning, he was quite smitten with the big horses still. I hope he gets over it or at least becomes more moderate in his enthusiasm over the large pretty mares. Such BEE -YOO- TEEFUL Mares he says!
  14. Cayuse


    My minis are not bad about it, but the Welsh pony is just horrid. The vet has to sedate him . No amount of treats, thinly veiled threats, desensitizing or cajoling works. He was a cryptorchid and had a difficult gelding procedure, so no one is getting down there and that is that. Nugget sounds MUCH more sensible!
  15. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    MC if you have to stay in a snaffle, but don't like the half cheek, an egg butt or dee ring snaffle sometimes will work. I have seen them mini sized, but off the top of my head can't remember where, Chicks horse supply maybe? I don't like half cheek either, my lines always get caught and everything else hooks on them. I never would've thought of those bits, but I read about it somewhere a while ago. Maybe it was on here! Cappy has been enjoying his ground driving sessions. Peanut is still getting a lesson every week. We have been practicing turning around obstacles, what I am using now are spools that are about 18 inches high that my husband brought home from work. I don't know what was on them, rope or wire or something, but empty they make good obstacles to drive around. Easy to move. I did not realize there was so much to a simple turn around an obstacle. Instructor has me look at four point around the base and aim for that. If the first point is hit too wide or too close, then coming around to the next obstacle is set up all wrong. Once you are at that first point it is too late to fix it if you goof, so you are always looking ahead. This is hard, I always look down!