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  1. Thanks heaps Debbie Roberts!
  2. Really? I was thinking she was pretty small. Well that explains why Snick was so tired and sore then. Her back end was very swollen too, I kept an eye on it, it all looks normal today and Texas' lashes are sitting normally now, they fixed by themselves like my neighbor said they would Also Texas has done her first poop and she is full of energy Yeah I named Bam Bam almost as soon as he was born I had a cat named Rascal once, it took me ages to name him Wow, you have named a lot of ponies! Love the names Thats really clever with the giraffe! -------------------- With the name Texas... Well I have always loved Texas I want to travel there. But I never thought I would name a horse that until I was searching through some mini horses for sale, something I do regularly, sometimes you see some really pretty ponies. Anyway, I was flicking through some sales yesterday and I scanned and the word 'Texas' brought my attention, it had something to do with a stallion bred in Texas or something I only briefly looked at it. At the time I was looking for name Ideas and I thought I could call her Texas. I asked people(family and friends), some liked it, some thought it was weird, some just laughed at me thinking I wasn't serious. So I tried to find something different and kept thinking. I even looked up names on google to replace it and I just couldn't let go of the name Texas. My Nan wanted me to call her 'Dolly' or 'Missy' but I have met and heard of so many pets being called those names, I wanted something different. I told my Nan and how I thought I shouldn't name her that because of peoples opinions. My Nan said that I shouldn't worry about it, shes mine to name. So i named her Texas. I had the name 'Moo' ever since i found out she was pregnant. Snickas is pinto and Steve (The father) his dam was pinto. So I had my hopes up that their foal would be pinto too. The reason 'Moo' was the colours of a cow haha. So, I guess the name was kind of a coincidence, but the ad brought the name to my mind I thought it was different and unique, I have probably been getting those reactions probably because it sounds different. Whats your opinion on the name??
  3. Little baby now has a name! I wanted a nice name for her, not something like how we named Kevin for laughs then it stuck, and like her father, his name is Steve. I was going to call her 'Moo' but she wasnt pinto. So I decided to try something a little different and unique, I called her... Texas.
  4. It was a lot of lashes, last time I checked they were pretty good
  5. Thank you both!! I'll try that Paula, thanks for the suggestion
  6. I think I might call them regardless. We have new neigbours that breed race horses, The man was trimming his trees and i was sitting and watching Snick and the foal, and he asked how old she was and everything, said she was cute, I told him about her eye (it gets a but gunky from blinking) and he said leave that to Snickas, he said the more I touch and clean it the worse it gets.
  7. I hope so I'll have to talk to mum about getting a vet, they are just so darn expensive I'll keep attending her eye and see if it stops going in, I got the other one to stop, Im hoping this one will to, if not I will ask mum to get a vet.
  8. Oh hang on, shes just made a liar out of me. Went back out and here she is, laying down.
  9. Haha its pretty cute to watch Thanks, I will try get one now. She wont lay down, she has laid down once. The first time she tried, she got on her knees and her butt kept going and she toppled over, it looked do awkward. Now she stands there with her nose almost on the ground and she sways a bit her eyes are closed, you can tell shes tired. I searched it up, and others have said some foals just cant figure out how to lay down and sooner or later they will lay down. Some said to try gently lay them down and sit with them. What do you think? Should I just leave her figure it out or see if I can help her out?
  10. Oh and I got another photo When she suckles Snickas loves it, it must feel like a scratch because her nose starts wiggling haha.
  11. Thanks Diane! I am a little concerned about her eyelashes. They are going in her eye, I have been getting warm damp cotton balls and gently wiping across her eye to get them back out, its making her blink a lot with them in there, the other one has stopped going in thankfully but this one keeps going in, I am not sure if I should keep doing what Im doing or if there is something else i should do. Our last foal born here had the same thing and his owner trimmed them with scissors, it worked but I dont know if thats dangerous for the foal. I have been searching about it and this thing called "Entropion" is all I get. I read it and it says you need a vet to put stitches to pull the eyelid and eyelashes away from the corneal surface. then I looked at photos and it looks nothing like it. Her eye is normal just the lashes are pointing down.
  12. Thanks Ryan Im proud of her too for not giving up She is! I just want to bear hug her and give her kisses, containing myself from that though lol. Also so proud of my Nikkie doing it all by herself, All the other ponies came up from the paddock watching through the fence, her little support group I will surely have photos when she does! Thanks so much for your help this morning as well Ryan And thanks all who helped me with her progress and all my questions, I really appreciate it
  13. All is well now! Had a bit of trouble trying to get the foal to feed because Snickas udders were rock hard and her nipples were sucked up so the foal couldn't get to it. She was suckling the air looking for a teat. I was getting worried that she wasn't going to be able to feed and would become weak and tired, so I tied Snickas up and gave her a bucket of hay while I worked on getting the foal to feed. Still no luck, so I ran upstairs and got a teat and bottle, and milked her a little, but the teat was too big for her little mouth. But baby wasnt giving up, we had little breaks in between each try, she tried so hard and I helped all I could, Snickas udders softened up a bit and after a while my guidance was less needed. She drunk away, then she was all tuckered out and had a nap Im so happy, I am still going to hang around them and make sure she continues to feed and I have to watch for her to do her first poop as I read on a site.
  14. Its nearly 3 am and i have decided to leave them sort the rest out, they have been communicating and the foal is toddling around, she was also searching for milk. I will post photos at daylight ?