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  1. Sometimes I think she looks in foal, other times not at all, I just don’t know and I wouldn’t have any accurate dates because it wasn’t on purpose
  2. Here’s the photos I just took, see the difference?! If she’s pregnant it wasn’t on purpose
  3. Here’s the photos I just took, see the difference?! If she’s pregnant it wasn’t on purpose
  4. Thanks Mona, I haven’t seen her rubbing but you never know,
  5. Hi Ryan, It doesn’t always look like this, one minute it looks normal, much shorter not swollen, I’ll take a pic when i get home, then all of sudden it looks like this, like all day long, been going on the last month
  6. Oh and I forgot to add “she’s not in heat” to the list of no’s above
  7. How old is your mare? Just curious
  8. She's too cute for words! I love her mouse grey color! Can't imagine what she'll turn into as she matures but I love what she looks like right now! Literally you scored!
  9. Wow! She is beautiful!! Very very exciting congrats!!!
  10. Why do you have to sell if it's a colt?
  11. I have a couple of mini mares that have those on & off all year around, one hasn't had a foal in years and the other has never had a foal or been pregnant, I don't think they're related to pregnancy at all. Your mare is round and certainly looks preggy, better to buy the weefoal 120 and finally know for sure though by looks alone she sure looks like she'd be farther along then 6 or is it 7 months?
  12. I'm curious I notice there's a lot of talk and photos about utter development, but would there actually be any utter change at all this early? I thought the changes are shorty before birth or maybe a couple weeks prior? Correct me if I'm wrong please
  13. I'm always afraid of the grass with pregnant mares because for me I can't tell Fescue grass from other types. If anyone here can please enlighten me, it's so frustrating. Just make sure your mare does not get any Fescue grass or hay (hay is rare) the last 60 days of her pregancy, it carries a spore that can cause abortion, difficult births, and a lack of milk in the mare and no colostrum. You can google it for more info though