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  1. Ryan Johnson

    Kodak Moments

    Yes they are an ornamental Pear ( Chanticleer). I have a bore at home that we are allowed to pump 12 meg of water a year from. We used it recently to top the lake up , unfortunately noone knows how much water is available and the other issue with it is , its a little salty. Due to the salt , I wouldnt apply it directly to the plants and trees, though I consider ourselves lucky to have one. Do you have wells where you are ? Do you catch much of the water from the mountains?
  2. Ryan Johnson

    Kodak Moments

    You are more than welcome to send some rain here
  3. Ryan Johnson

    Kodak Moments

    The weather is starting to change here. Unfortunately we didn't get near the amount of rain over winter. The drought is most certainly going to get worse for many here .....
  4. Ryan Johnson


    Sounds to me that "Nugget" could be a really good fit for you Marsha. If he has overcome his head shyness , he is starting to trust & bond with you. One of my big horses was extremely head shy when i first got him 11 years ago. To the point , he would nearly flip over when I made a sudden movement , when I was anywhere near him. It took a good 2 years for him to trust me and to realize I would never lay a finger on him, in a bad way. Some horses are treated so terribly by owners, that they should banned from owning them in the first place. I cant fathom why any horse should need to be hit across the head. Best of luck with him
  5. Ryan Johnson

    Food Lovers Guide

    We had it a lot as kids and I hadn't had it in ages. I always found it to be dry though, so was never one of my favs. My mum still makes it occasionally, like you though, Ive never heard of anyone else serving it.
  6. Ryan Johnson


    Welcome Nugget Love his big blaze !! Hope he is the perfect addition to your team Marsha ..:)
  7. Ryan Johnson

    Food Lovers Guide

    Silverside is beef Its the cut above the leg. ( I think the term "Siverside" is very European) I buy it "corned" so its been cured in salt and other things. I have just started to cook it in the slow cooker.
  8. Ryan Johnson

    Food Lovers Guide

    I did corned silverside in the slow cooker yesterday. Love being able to put something on in the morning and not have to worry about it till dinner time
  9. Welcome to the forum I agree , she doesnt look like she has previously foaled before. Looking at the pics, Id say she still has some time to go , but it can be really tricky when your dealing with Maidens, so keeping a close eye on her is the best thing you can do. Ask away and questions you may have
  10. Ryan Johnson

    colt nutrition

    You have been given some great advice, all I wanted to add was "Dont be shy on the picture updates"
  11. Ryan Johnson

    Food Lovers Guide

    Yum that sounds really good and easy , Ill definitely be giving that a try
  12. Ryan Johnson

    Food Lovers Guide

    Made a really nice baked chicken risotto last night. Set your oven to 170 degrees fan forced Brown your chicken, onion, celery, mushrooms in a deep pan. Add two cups of aborio rice and continue browning for 2-3 mins. Add some dried herbs of your choice ( I use a basic italian herb mix) Add 4 x cups of chicken stock, stir well and put in the oven, cooking for 15 mins. Add 1 cup of peas, zucchini and any other veggies you like and continue to cook for 25 mins. Add some fresh herbs of your choice and serve !! This was the first time I have made this and I got heaps of compliments, So I will be cooking it again
  13. Ryan Johnson

    New mom needs advice

    Welcome to the forum, its a little like a bag of chips , you cant just have one. Horse are herd animals , so do much better with company. And your never too young to learn. I have had horses for over 30 years now and still learning
  14. Perfectly said Debby. I would also suggest having him gelded and honestly I would do it sooner rather than later. It will make training him so much easier. As Debby has said , his attention span is very minimal being so young and keeping him as a colt is only going to make the training process harder. To me it sounds like he had a halter put on him before you got him, but had not been taught to "lead" very well. A horse that has been taught to lead correctly , should respect your space, halt when told to and be able to move forward on cue. I would honestly get him gelded, it will be so much safer& easier for your daughter to work with him. As he is only a baby, you have all the time in the world. He will continue to develop physically over the next couple of years, but very important you get his manners on the right path from the start. Keep us posted on his progress if you have time and ask away any questions you like , everyone's friendly here and willing to help
  15. Ryan Johnson

    Hurricane Florence

    Hoping all that are near the path of Florence remain safe. Take care everyone and I hope you all stay safe and are ok as it hits land.