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  1. secuono

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    Ground drove, then drove home part way. ? Need to tilt camera down more... Harness seems to be a size or at least half a size too big. Will be way too big for the 12h pony...Ugh, anyone have one for sale that is a touch smaller?
  2. secuono

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    Got him all tacked up this morning! Next time we'll ground drive our way out and then try to ride the big circle out back before ground driving home. Will use his bridle then, too. But first will do a quick practice with the lines through the rings and see if we've worked out of his twirling issue. He hauled 5gal of gas for the lawnmower, which he had to stand nicely and wait on. Crossed some water twice, walked down a steep hill, trotted a big circle back up to the straight way over rough ground. Way too nasty out today, so a short, easy practice. Locked the others up by the barn, no issue with being buddy sour. Bunch of birds were spooked up by a dog, he didn't even jerk his head up to watch them. Since he's doing so well, I'm going to look for a shaped breastcollar for him. His neck ties in so gosh low! Same with the minis! =/
  3. secuono

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    ? Hooked up Dunie to his cart today!! No pics/video, didn't want that as a distraction in the back of my mind. Hung the curved shafts in the saddle's tug loops so there was less to worry about if anything went wrong. Will attach the traces to his collar next time. I stayed in front of him and not off to the side so he didn't misunderstand any cues like he did before when I was leading him & pulling the cart by hand. First we did big slow walking circles to the right, then a smaller, tight right circle so we could then go left. We did a few stops and back ups so he would have more room to make that left circle without too much pressure from the cart shafts this time. Then we finished the left circle with walking quickly to the gate and a sudden stop. He didn't mind seeing, hearing nor feeling the cart. =D I did use hay cube slivers as treats so it'd be more fun for him. Won't use them once we move on to ground driving him in the cart. So probably during hook up number 3 or 4, want to lead him around a few more times with more turns and trotting before moving on. Wish I had a larger area with no grass to practice in, but I guess he'll just end up good about sharp turns and backing up, lol. You really can't beat a good pony! ♡
  4. secuono

    A mini blog for the mini demons! ♡

    Took Slodka with us this time! She did not want to load either time, lol. She didn't like the goat. She had a gay ol' time telling the mini gelding what to do. Basically a great time. ?
  5. secuono

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    Went to the trainers for my bday today. Brought my pony and youngest mini. She was a cow about loading up, both times. On the way home, she refused, then I asked her if she wanted to stay with her new boyfriend (mini holding she terrorized) and she instantly hopped right in! ? We went on a little trail ride, he didn't go in a straight line, but was otherwise very good. He did spook slightly at a small tractor implement the second time we passed it. He really wanted to greet all the other horses. They rushed over and he wanted to trot, but listened to me. See, riding w/loose horses is good practice! Lol Mini did not like the goat that came over to say hello. My two got to play with the resident mini as well. Or rather, boss him around lazily. ?
  6. secuono

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    Redid my pad to match the saddle.
  7. secuono

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    Swapped out to a different saddle, but failed to notice the bad damage...Will attempt to redo it with nylon instead. May one day buy the same new bare tree and make a skeleton rig version with stronger materials. This one fits. Though, with all the flooding, damage and power outages, haven't been able to trot in it yet.
  8. secuono

    A mini blog for the mini demons! ♡

    Ponied Slodka off my gelding this morning, first time ever, she did well!
  9. secuono

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    Nother saddle on trial, may be a keeper.