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  1. Our 2nd foal is Joker. Born July 7th. Pretty much solid black colt. Possibly smoky black as sire is buckskin.
  2. This is our first foal of the year. Buckskin filly with high whites in the back. Born June 15th so she is June Bug.
  3. You are very welcome AmySue. I'm glad you are enjoying the things I found. The chip clip is a product of the "cow herd" beans you sent me. LOL That thing makes me giggle.....and annoyed.
  4. I shipped mine out today, 2 boxes to arrive on 2 different days. Everything is wrapped so it is safe to open the boxes.
  5. I GOT MINE!!!! I only opened the outer box to check for breakage. I'm going to wait until it is at least December before I open the presents.
  6. Whoo! Hoo! My prize came today! After the last 2 weeks, this was a much welcome surprise. I had 100% forgotten about this. I actually got 2 packages from Amazon. The first one had a lovely bookmark and some Cadbury chocolate covered carmels(my favorite). Then I opened the second package....I was stunned.This so cool!!!
  7. Cool!! What a lovely surprise this morning. I hope everyone had as much fun playing as I did.
  8. I'm going with lucky number 13 this morning.
  9. 86 sounds like a good number this morning