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  1. Until we know more of a percentage of those who test positive vs negative we can't do any rash changes. I personally feel that there should be enough negative carriers out there to not justify opening up both registries, BUT I could be wrong and could be more carriers then we realize. So far with the ones I have seen the results on its about 50-50 but a lot aren't posting results. But I personally think that the registries need to continue and support the breeders who have gone out and spend the money to test their horses vs letting unregistered horses back in. AMHA is closed, end of story. From what I heard they aren't even going to post the results on the horse's papers and I haven't even heard a statement from them about this test. Whereas with AMHR you can update the horse's papers for a small fee and they will put the results on the horse's papers.
  2. I am happy to announce that my mare Ozark Mtns Rare Penelope sired by Michigans Rare Penny and out of Horsefeathers Mel 'N Neeta tested negative for the full test panel!
  3. I don't see how the registries can take away registration papers to those who tested positive. Possibly if they make it into effect on future registrations where they make every foal tested before registration and you have to test negative for all panels then yes I can see them deny registration. But I think the registries will loose money on registrations that way. It's important unfortunately it's going to be costly but who know how widespread these horses will test positive for the dwarf gene.
  4. It was announced on FB yesterday that AMHR will put results on the papers for a small fee. This will change the miniature horse industry and I hope many will do this. I'm hoping to start breeding again in the near future so I already sent in for one of 2 of my mares this morning.
  5. Hi Jamie, where are you getting the timothy/alfalfa mini cubes (Standlee) I can't find them here in OKC.

  6. I have one I'm dealing with right now. He isn't terrible but his stifle pops especially working in tight circles or fast piviots. He is my show horse and he is only 2. I would like to avoid doing surgery on him but I'm looking into it. Stifles are so bad with these minis I'm tired of dealing with stifle issues with them. Yes it has to do with their hips, and angles of their legs. I asked about this not to long ago on here you can look it up. Minimor gave some good advice on legconformation with their stifles. Another thing I wanted to add and I did find some info on it is bad cowhocks can also come into play. Many of mine I've had stifle problems had bad cowhocks.
  7. I had one that got pretty bad when you worked him. I no longer have him so won't post pics. But he wasn't straight up and down in the back like you read sometimes. But he was badly cowhocked, toed out, and had a weak hip. How he was able to move so pretty I have no idea. Now this guy he is your all-around performance horse. If he was ever going to show a locking stifle he would have by now, especially what happened to him couple years ago due to me not noticing it. Anyways this boy is awesome and if only I could have a million more like him. Too me he looks alot like Minimor's mare at the stifle. Ok now lilmiracles is just showing off . Thats pretty cool and shows it really well. My horse I sold he did that. These minis I find are very bad considering locking stifles and I think people need to pay more attention to it.
  8. this is a cool website huh

  9. JMS Miniatures

    You want pruff....look at this

    I'm not at all mad about this. It's just hurtful that you would have to lie about this and betraying the forum. Because thats what you've done. What really saddens me is you got your kids envolved. I am so sorry about your 1 mare.
  10. JMS Miniatures

    Sad day at Star Ranch

    What an idiot! I hope he gets punished severely! So thankful your kids weren't hurt physically but mentally what a tragic thing to watch and hear! So sorry you must go thru this.
  11. Im looking for possible transportation from WI to MO? This is for a 35" bred mare. Thanks, Jamie
  12. JMS Miniatures

    Still looking for transportation?

    My friend found this cool site and I used it too look up transportation for my stallion. What it is you submit the locations and possible dates to this site and they send it out to all the transporation companies that are with that site. Then you get mailed back quotes and all. Its a very cool thing and I got success with it! www.travelinghorse.com Jamie
  13. JMS Miniatures

    Looking for transportation in KY to MO!

  14. JMS Miniatures

    Looking for transportation in KY to MO!

    I am in need of transportation for a 3yr old stallion that lives in Taylorsville, Ky. about 26 miles S.E. of Louisville, to Wentworth, MO close to I-44. It can be at anytime. Even at AMHR Nationals!!! Thanks, Jamie