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  1. rvcsherman

    Hand made MINI items!

    Thanks for the info on postings pictures! I'm going to try posting some pics of my fly bonnets. This gorgeous classic black bonnet is embellished with antique gold trim & tiny sparkling clear rhinestones.
  2. rvcsherman

    Hand made MINI items!

    Adorable! I'm not sure that it's one of mine as I do not remember making a royal blue bonnet, but it looks like it fits nice! I would love to be able to post pics of mine, not sure how
  3. rvcsherman

    Hand made MINI items!

    Hi! I haven't been on here in years! I make hand crocheted miniature horse size fly bonnets for pleasure & show. There are lots of places to buy gorgeous hand created custom bonnets for full-size horses but not so many for our amazing minis. I purchased one from a major mini supply place & was extremely disappointed with what I received. It was HUGE & very poor quality. Then I purchased a more expensive custom bonnet & again I was disappointed when it arrived. It was made from cheap acrylic yarn! So then I purchased yet another even more expensive custom bonnet. This one was better but it had spandex ears so tiny they wouldn't even fit my 26.5" mare. So I decided to make my own. With much trial & error I think I finally nailed it! Finally a high quality scaled down version of the beautiful custom full-sized bonnets.