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  1. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    Cayuse, I'd like to see a pic of your cart. I always like seeing everyone's vehicles. Glad you found a footmans loop solution. Perry hasn't dropped yet so no castration today. We did teeth for 3 minis and 3 big guys instead. It was so cold this morning that I put a space heater in the office/tack room and we brought the minis in and did their teeth in there on the rugs. So much better than freezing. By the time we got to the big guys it was warm enough to be mostly comfortable. Good luck at your ADT. I would love to do something like that. I would have no idea what I was doing though and it's quite a drive to get to any events like that around here. Maybe someday.
  2. MajorClementine

    Fore cart

    For $70 I'd say why not!? Worst case is you put the handle back on and have a trailer dolly. In my experience it'll take more than one try to get it just right and you'll be tweaking and improving it for a bit but as long as you've got a steady driving horse you should be good. I have one that is really sensitive to the balance of carts and another who doesn't care what the cart weighs or how it's weighted. I'd love to see how it turns out if you decide to do it. I can't find an affordable mini forecart anywhere! Would you try to build a platform to stand on or would you ground drive from behind it?
  3. MajorClementine


    Hopefully Nugget will get over it on his own accord. We've had a few get snotty and "rattle" sounding. Ours is usually when the pasture is gone and we start them on hay. Our vet suggested that it's the dust from the dry hay irritating them while they get used to it. When they are grazing on the grass it's not a problem. One he gave an allergy shot and that cleared her right up and the other was fine after a week or so. Sounds like there are several things that can cause snotty nose and you are keeping a close eye on him. You never know quite what you are getting at a sale. Was he local or did he come from a ways away? Whenever I've moved to a new area to live it seems like a few weeks to a month after I move I get sick. I always figured it was my body adjusting to a new place with new germs. Wonder if it's the same for horses??? Anyway, sounds like your on top of it so whatever it is you guys will work through it
  4. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    That hitch looks like so much fun! Not to mention you get to work 4 horses at once. That's my biggest motivator to get a couple of mine going together. I can work them at the same time! Very glad that Teddy got the "OK" to continue to work. That's always a good feeling. My new singletree and bit got here so I'm hoping I can try them out this week before the horses head south. I've got the vet/dentist coming today to do teeth and (hopefully) geld Perry. It's a freezing cold morning though and I'm not looking forward to standing in the barn for several hours this morning. We had one week of fall then straight to winter. Woke up to snow yesterday. I should get more driving in this winter though. I'll go south once a month or so to drive and ride. @Cayuse Those wood sword end single trees can be a pain. Especially if your tack is not leather but a synthetic material. It doesn't stretch and give like the leather does so the traces have a tendency to slip off. I ended up putting strong but small C-clamps on the end of mine. My trace keepers were triangles of metal so I clamped the C through the triangle and around the singletree. I don't know if that makes sense or not...?
  5. Okay so I lied... and sorry this is the best pic I could find. Hubby drilled all the way through the shaft and used a flat headed bolt and an acorn nut so there were no sharp edges. I think he decided it was worth drilling clear through to have a more secure loop "just in case". They have worked perfectly. I guess if you figure that the shafts have two metal "beams" running through them now it doesn't seem like they would be weakened... Hope this helps.
  6. I'll see if I have a photo from when I put them on. It's down south but I'll see if my parents will snap a photo when they are down at the barn. I bought footmans loops from the auto parts store. Jeep enthusiasts use them quite a bit I got my cart on a screaming deal but really wanted loops too. Hubby said "easy fix" and he was right
  7. I put some on my jogging sulky. Hubby just used metal screws. He drilled a small pilot hole then just screwed them on. Since shafts don't have a heavy down force on them they will be fine. two small holes in steel tubing will be fine. I would, however, not drill holes all the way through the tubing to use nuts and bolts. The holes would have to be bigger and you would be making 4 holes in each shaft. Welding them on will only work if you have them fabricated out of steel. Most of the ones you can buy won't weld well. Bad welding will weaken your shafts far more than a couple small screws. However, sounds like you know someone who could do a nice job for you
  8. MajorClementine


    He's so great! I guess, for me, the DNA test would depend on if I was planning on showing him or competing in a capacity that I would need him to be registered to compete. I always think it's fun to know but then I remember how "thrifty" (nicer than saying cheap I suppose) I am and that always wins out.
  9. MajorClementine


    It's kinda funny to think about but I guess most people don't think to handle a horses undercarriage. The little Smokey gelding that we are watching for the summer is the same way. Tried to clean his sheath and he went ballistic. I like the rope method, I'll have to get a helper and give that a try. Sounds like you might have found yourself a new driving horse. Time will tell but the signs this far seem good. Especially if it only took a couple lessons for him to get used to you touching him to clean. Sounds like he catches on quickly
  10. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    I ended up ordering a butterfly french link for Candace and I'll just give my 4.5" half cheek snaffle to Smokey's owner to use until we can find him something else. I may have to put him in and eggbutt or D-ring like you suggest. Much better than that half cheek. Seriously... I understand it keeps the bit from pulling through their mouth but at the cost of catching on everything imaginable. Those Spools sound like great obstacles! Much more of an obstacle than the cones I'm currently using. Picked them up used at a sports store for $0.50 but they aren't "in the way" enough sometimes and Clementine seems to like to make a sport of running them down. Okay, I'm sure it's my lack of driving skill but I can't help but think that if the obstacle were a little bigger she'd be more interested in NOT HITTING IT! I need to build my house out on the property so I have more room to practice driving around obstacles and whatnot. I can tell you right now that my driving lacks all the little details and practicing simple turns and walking and trotting on the rail would help us a bunch. I was hoping to drive again on Sunday but the rain started and is supposed to last for a week. In the meantime I'm online shopping. When I got my cart from Kingston they were using wood sword end single trees. Well I've had a trace slip off it a time or two so I put clips through the keepers and that helped but I was still nervous. So I was browsing their site for a cart cover and noticed they now have metal single trees with hooks and loops. Mine just got here today. Now I can use my slot end and my quick release traces on my cart with no worries about a trace slipping off. I held off on the cart cover but will order one when I've saved up a little tip money. Putting new single tree on tonight.
  11. MajorClementine

    Driving Hours 2018

    September is in the books! Hope everyone is enjoying their fall driving. Highest month so far with just under 37 hours single driving
  12. MajorClementine

    I'm going on an adventure

    Wow! What a great home and that 12 acres!!!! Fantastic find. You can put some mighty fun driving tracks in on a 12 acre piece of land. You could build your own CDE course! Hooray for not having to build a home. I keep hoping we'll find property with a home on it and then we can sell our house in town and acreage out of town. Can't wait to see the barn you put up! Oh... and if it were my house I may never come out of that bathtub!
  13. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    This is when I think I need to add a hand break to my EE cart. I understand why they don't have breaks but being able to apply just enough pressure to keep the cart from slamming into the horse on a steep hill would be nice. I'm having bit woes. Anyone who would care to comment is welcome. Candace needs a bit that actually fits her. I was hoping for a butterfly french link but no one has it in her size. She needs a 4". I did find a butterfly mullen in her size. I've never driven in a mullen. She's very responsive to direction and has always had a good whoa. Even yesterday when she was canter-bucking she stayed straight and came down under control quickly. She's got a tiny little mouth so I hate to put a single jointed bit in there. I also hate my half cheek I have on Clementine because the short half cheek piece catches on everything. Advice?
  14. MajorClementine

    cow hocked 2 year old

    Perry is a bit cow hocked as well and we are working to correct as much as we can before he's a year old. We're trimming the outside 2/3 of the hoof to cause him to heel strike which "should" cause him to land with his toes pointed forward.... we shall see. Our really good farrier just retired and we're struggling to find someone to replace him. Lots of people can cut hoof off and slap shoes on but, as we all know, not all farriers are equal
  15. MajorClementine

    Driving Hours 2018

    I'm on the board! 20 minutes for Candace the Wonder mini. She had no problems leaving her baby behind. Love this little gal!