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  1. My gift from Claudia in the uk arrived today. Thank you so much for my chocolates and Christmas tree decorations
  2. Dannigirl I am so glad your box arrived safely and that you like your gifts. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
  3. My turn As I said before I love chocolate, both milk and white. My favourite colour is purple and I am a Scorpio and proud of it so anything related to that is great. I don't have horses anymore but still love all things horse related so maybe a 2017 calendar or diary with minis/horses on it. I am not sure what size I am in USA sizes but I will check and update (I am a skinny thing if that helps) lol Fridge magnets are always handy and I love to bake so anything to do with cupcakes would be great. I hope this helps my secret santa. I too will add more as I think of it.
  4. yippeeee, please sign me up too. I am so excited! Thank you Reo
  5. Oh sorry Robin, when I get Home I will ask one of my American friends to convert it for me and I will email you but if I remember correctly it is 125 ml which is more or less a mug of milk per sachet. Bring it to boil whilst mixing and stir until it is dense.
  6. I hope you are feeling better Robin, feeling poorly on Christmas Day is so unfair. I wrote instructions for the hot chocolate inside the Christmas card. Sending hugs.
  7. Congratulations to the winners and thank you again to Reo and to the sponsors.
  8. How exciting. Thank you Reo for organising more fun and games. ok here goes, good luck everyone. My guess today is 36
  9. Little Coco wasn't too sure about the squeaky penguin when he arrived from Santa but by the time I got home from work today they were best friends
  10. My parcel arrived today!!! Thank you so much to my secret Santa. There was no forum name but it came from UK and I LOVE everything. There was chocolate, a toy for my doggy, a cookie cutter and food glitter! yippeeee, I will be baking Santa's this afternoon.
  11. My SS parcel is loaded in my slay and the reindeer and ready to run I really hope it gets there in time.
  12. I am really sorry to be late but I had to make/bake/build/order ( not telling which )my gift and it took longer than I thought. It will be in the post no later than the 4th and I will pay the extra to make sure my reindeer fly fast.
  13. Hi everyone, I love to decorate cakes so anything related to that. American candy Cookie cutters I have a 3kg Yorkshire so anything cute for her. Xmas decorations Nice pencils 2016 agenda I hope this helps, but I really am easily pleased. Lol