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  1. I am so jealous !! I admired that mare when I first saw her too lol I look forward to the results , Im going to guess that hes a buckskin pinto with sabino lol
  2. another colt for us last night , meet celticmist Absolut Valour , he is o/o Meadowind Indys High Hopes by RHA Rangers absolut
  3. another filly for us Celticmist Absolut Desire , a big foal but an easy birth , she came out looking a week old , gestation was a standard 334 days Im loving her gorgeous blaze
  4. Celticmist Absolut Dream was born at 6 am on 2nd March a silver colt o/o Micatos Platinum by RHA Rangers Absolut followed by Celticmist Absolut Clarity on the 11th March , silver buckskin filly she is o/o Micatos Farah fawcett by RHA Rangers Absolut then on the 16th March along came another filly Celticmist Absolut Devotion o/o Hailstone Red Hot Deile by RHA Rangers Absolut I have three more to foal
  5. our 5th and last foal of the season was born last night a filly ,shes by RHA Rangers Absolut and the first foal of Shadel Cloudless Sioux , Ive named her Celticmist Absolut Windsong
  6. Dry pics , hes still very wobbly on those hind legs !!! we have named him Celticmist Absolut Intrepid
  7. I had a second one born tonight , a silver black colt , Ill get better pics in the morning he doesnt have a name yet
  8. foal number three has arrived at Celticmist !! a beautiful pinto filly , shes a really big foal at around 23 ins so could outgrow her papers but heck I love her anyway !
  9. say hello to our new silver colt Celticmist Absolut Valentine!!!
  10. thats interesting I have a couple of dna tested smoky silver blacks and they didnt look pink as foals , one looked like a darkish silver and as a weanling went almost black and the other looked palomino , minis like to keep us guessing lol
  11. I honestly have no idea ....although her mane and tail does look silver she looks pink on my screen ! shes very cute in any colour
  12. watching mares again :) doesnt seem five minutes since I was waiting for the 2012 foals

    1. supaspot


      Its ages since I visited LB so I've enjoyed catching up on the threads , seems a little less busy than it used to be

  13. watching mares again :) doesnt seem five minutes since I was waiting for the 2012 foals

  14. her dam is Lewingales Permanently and pickled and her sire RHA Rangers Absolut ( named after a vodka) ...her name just had to be alcohol related lol