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  1. There is a therapy called 'patterning' used for children but also used for animals. It will most likely take 2 people to implement it. The foal should be standing, one person to steady it on one side and the other person on the other side, taking turns moving the legs one by one in a natural gait. It 'teaches' the body hopefully instilling muscle memory. Once is not enough, must be repeated. Just a suggestion, I had a dummy foal that we used on it with success. I am not a vet, but raised many foals and can agree that if cramped in the womb it is possible there is a chance with time and massage all will be well. I wish you well.
  2. madmax

    Kodak Moments

    Outstanding shot. The reflection of the clouds in the water is the perfect complement.
  3. madmax

    Kodak Moments

    So beautiful. DO you have airplane white contrails frequently in your skies? I live near a navy base and we have a lot of them from the jets. When they spread it can make interesting forms. What are those mountains?
  4. madmax

    Heritage of mini horses lines

    They are beautiful and very well bred. AMHR was formed after the Shetland registry, I think I have an article about the early days somewhere, I will look for it when I get the chance. I seem to recall there is info from a pony line known in England from the 1800's.
  5. madmax

    Kodak Moments

    Visiting hawk giving me the eye on the bluebird house. Moonrise from my back door this year.
  6. madmax


    I enjoy reading about everyone's gardening, time constraints kept me from planting my usual very small plot except for basil that is a must for me (!). One interesting thing happened though. The hard freeze last winter killed my lime tree that I had grown from a seed and last year was the first crop, I had about 100 limes from it, very sad to lose it. I had thrown fertilizer around it hoping for a recovery but to no avail. On an impulse I tossed a handful of gourd seeds in that spot and here is what happened with no other work from me. I can see about 12 so far and new babies are still appearing. Hope it will be a successful crop.
  7. madmax

    Help Me!!

    Congratulations on your new guy, looks like a winner! Chromes Heavenly Quest Chromes The Whistler Or you could go the cute factor: Chromes Pep Talk Chromes Copy Cat Chromes Sky King I like names beginning with the letter C, it rolls off the tongue nicely with the word Chrome: Chromes Cavalier Chromes Crusader Chromes Commander
  8. madmax

    got my mojo back

    I double clicked on the picture to enlarge it and I can see the trapunto, very very nice job, that is extra work and they must have appreciated your effort! Pretty quilt and congrats!
  9. madmax

    Quilt Show

    I made a drunkards path quilt once, or my version of it, as I changed the curved pieces to straight edges. Also, I set the blocks in a different setting than yours. It certainly lends itself to different looks when playing with how they are turned. I too like to make my own quilt template for the white areas instead of purchasing one.