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  1. In my experience, stifle problems were the result of genetic conformation faults. Had a cute LITTLE mare, very nice front end but she was short hipped (bought her off of pictures and should have asked for more shots), and produced a baby that was totally locked up. We put the little guy down because I was NOT going to spend $3,000 on a give-away colt. And the likelihood of a life filled with problems were too high even with the surgery. As for the mare, gave her without papers to a family with kids up the road WITHOUT papers. That was 15 years ago and she's still there, very much loved and well cared for, driving in local parades, etc.
  2. Jean_B

    Worm those babies!

    Another reason it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to worm the mare with Ivermectin within a few hours after foaling...that newborn is going to eat momma's manure. For you newbies - this seems gross and disgusting. But it is essential for the foal to get active bacteria cultures working in baby's gutt in order to digest milk/food properly. And if that mare hasn't been wormed - baby will get a whopping case of worms really fast.
  3. I have space for up to 4 minis/ponies... Leaving northwest Ohio on Saturday, May 14 and heading west through northern Indiana, northern Illinois and up through Wisconsin toward Mpls/St. Paul (could deliver in the Twin Cities suburbs if necessary). Very reasonable rates. Good trailer w/ mats, dividers, etc. and experienced in hauling long distances. Sorry - I'm full going from WI to Ohio. If interested - send email to dustyln@spacestar.net and be sure to put TRANSPORTATION NEEDED in the subject line.