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  1. Looking for a metal miniature horse easy entry cart that is preferably used (in good condition) and reasonably priced. Not looking for fancy show cart just a nice used one to drive around the neighborhood. Looking for the cart in local surrounding Tucson, AZ area. If you have something, please email me with a picture and the price.
  2. Just got my package today and could not wait to open. Thank you Zoey for blanket & towels. Love them.
  3. I love devotional books & items of our Lord to celebrate the reason for the season, mini horse books, mini horse tack, green tea, no chocolate allergic to it.
  4. Rec'd my package from (Bev) Painted Ponies and every thing is so nicely wrapped. I'm going to be good until Christmas. Thank you Bev
  5. I just mailed my secret Santa package. Sorry so early but wanted to bet the rush. Ho, Ho, Ho
  6. I love: Minis tack warm blankets Insperational books to increase my knowledge on Jesus Angels Western oddities Different types of Hot Chocolate
  7. Cini looking fancy and Buddy discussing the options of giving a teddy bear a ride.
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  12. Any Miniature horse or driving clubs in Arizona, more specific in Tucson?
  13. Your very welcome.