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    Gelding senior stallion

    I’m not surprised at the comments as he has been a stud for many years. He is with geldings but I can not put him with any other stallion. Over the years my other stallions could be together over winter, but this guy would be with geldings or he has also had mare companions some years. Thanks for your comments.
  2. My stallion is 26 yrs old and while not used as a breeder, he acts like the head honcho, pacing fence lines, will not tolerate other stallions and goes crazy when mares in heat around. Would gelding, if advisable, take the studiness out of him and settle him down?
  3. I forgot to mention, they are the bottom teeth.
  4. Little boy got kicked today and lost two front teeth on one side. Vet had to cut off as they were attached by the gums. What can I expect when the permanent teeth should be coming in? From past experience with this forum, somebody has experienced this. Thanks.
  5. If temps are cold/cool, a hair dryer is a MUST for me. Until the foal nurses (could be 40 min or 4 hours) it needs its reserve to stay mobile, and should not have to expend precious energy to stay warm which is impossible if wet. A dry , energetic foal likely to nurse sooner.