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  1. Marsha Cassada

    Driving Hours 2018

    50 minutes for Dapper Dan today.
  2. Marsha Cassada

    Your Drive Day

    You are all inspiring! Thanks for updates and tales of experiences.
  3. Marsha Cassada


    Nose discharge pretty much gone. Both still have runny eyes; that seems to be chronic for Dapper Dan the last few years. Must be something in the pasture. They are both better if I keep the good fly masks on them. Nugget is now the boss. I heard it is common for older horses to be usurped by younger ones. He seems fine with it, so I need to quit getting emotional about it. Have not had a chance to do much training with Nugget because of weather and working at my mom's house (garage sale this weekend and then hopefully it will almost be over). Usually October is a gorgeous month, weather-wise, and I had been looking forward to opportunities to work with him. I don't need my rubber boots in the pasture now, but it's still soggy everywhere. I just need to be patient. Meanwhile we are working on ground manners a little. He is very smart.
  4. Marsha Cassada

    Kodak Moments

    The farm ponds are full now. Checked out our back pond today. Lots of wildlife tracks around it, too.
  5. Marsha Cassada

    Driving Hours 2018

    You are certainly getting a lot of nice driving time! My mother went to a nursing home last month and it seems all my spare time is working through her stuff. That, and the rain. Keep inspiring, Cayuse!
  6. Marsha Cassada


    Yes, I heard they were the same thing. But the vet said there are over 100 strains of distemper; maybe strangles is one kind. He has never become lethargic and his nose seems better. So far no swelling underneath, though I've heard that comes toward the end of the cycle. My sister brought a miniature home from the same sale and she had to go on antibiotic as she was running a fever. Horses not connected at all, just the same sale. Her horse was kind of run down, though, and Nugget was not. We are doing a little ground work while I wait for the dentist. Just basic stuff, like turning, backing, whoa, and stand. It's too soppy here to do much, though I've taken them out on the paved road a few times, just so their feet can feel some dry land!
  7. Marsha Cassada


    Hopefully it is not distemper/strangles. He had noticeable respiratory noise yesterday but the nose was not as bad. Does not seem feverish at all. I went ahead and put them back together as he seemed stressed to be isolated and I figured dapper dan had already been exposed anyway. More rain today and more due this weekend. Easy to see how this soggy weather can be a health problem. He is due for his next parasite paste, but I will hold off for a while.
  8. Marsha Cassada

    Kodak Moments

    We heard there was a well here 100 years ago, but no one alive remembers where. Most wells here are "gypy". Maybe what you call salty. Folks used to rely on cisterns to capture rain water but we are all on a rural water line now. Its wells tap an aquifer; we don't have a use limit but pay for usage. What measurement is a "meg"? We were listed as a drought area until this big rain.
  9. Marsha Cassada

    Kodak Moments

    Are those pear trees? Do you have wells?
  10. Marsha Cassada

    Kodak Moments

    The only Kodak moment I have lately is the result of 8" of rain in two days. This our farm pond overflowing. The edge goes under the horse motel, making a soggy mess there. Many little fish were stranded in the pasture from the overflow.
  11. Marsha Cassada


    Well, he's had a snotty nose for several days. Called the vet today and he said it might be distemper. The sale was 3 weeks ago; I suppose it could be something he caught there. Vet said there are over 100 strains of distemper and Nugget might be resistant. He did not want to do antibiotics now. I will watch him for a few more days, and meanwhile vet suggested I separate the two. It is probably too late, but maybe Dapper Dan is old enough that it won't be a problem for him. 8" of rain has made everything a muddy mess and a challenge. "Mucking out" takes on a whole new meaning. Water is still coming off the mountain, and likely will for several more days--when more rain is predicted. At least we got the farm ponds filled up. Nugget is very lively and bright eyed, so I don't think he has a fever. Took him walking with me for the first time this morning. He did pretty well; we practiced transition commands, whoa, and some turns to give to pressure.
  12. Marsha Cassada

    Driving Hours 2018

    Bobcat, most likely.
  13. Marsha Cassada


    Yeah, the money is one reason I haven't sent the hair in yet. If I could be sure I'd find out something, it would be an easy decision. But if none of his ancestors are in the system, it would come back as a total zero. It isn't something I have to decide to do right away. Yes, that is a grooming stand. It is home made and permanent. I used to use it alot when I had cordless clippers, but there is no electricity near my horse area so now I have to do my clipping closer to an outlet. I do teach all my hroses to walk up it and stand there, just in case I need to use it for any reason.
  14. Marsha Cassada


    I forgot to post the picture I took while waiting for the neighbor to come over. He does not mind the harness at all. His back is much longer than Dapper Dan's, and I think he is at least an inch taller. I have not measured him yet. Still have not decided whether to invest in the DNA tests or not.
  15. Marsha Cassada


    Lots of people wait to clean sheaths when horse is under sedation. I wasn't able to do buckly yet when he left me, and his new owner is the "let the vet do it" school. I've heard mares need to be cleaned also. Just something that has to be done. Nugget didn't seem to mind it at all when we got into it. I've only had to do one other horse with the rope on the leg thing. Just a couple of times and they stop kicking. Just a light pressure to keep him from kicking is all it has taken. Nugget has gotten over being head shy also; I guess he got smacked in the past. Maybe he used to be a nipper; so far he has never tried to nip me. He is the first horse I've had that i have known absolutely nothing about his past.