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  1. AppyLover2

    Turnip recipes

    The only way I've ever eaten turnips is to snack on them raw with a little salt. Never been a big fan of them either.
  2. Oh Wow! Guess sitting here this morning and writing down all 15 pages of numbers wasn't a waste of time after all. Good luck on the remaining seahorse everybody!
  3. I misunderstood the game too. I know my number for yesterday was a duplicate. Sorry to whoever had it first. #1 for me today
  4. 68 for Thursday. Are you gonna remove all the old posts after a winner is announced each day? Sure would make it easier to know which number not to pick.
  5. AppyLover2

    Anyone have Leftover Ham meal ideas?

    Ham salad is not difficult and disguises Easter left over pretty well.
  6. AppyLover2

    Great new EASY recipe

    Thanks Jayne. The dough did seem very dry. I'll give 'em another try and see what happens next time.
  7. AppyLover2

    Great new EASY recipe

    Jayne.....or whoever can help me.....I have a question. I tried Jayne's biscuit recipe and they turned out very dense and heavy. Barely etible. I love biscuits and was soooo disappointed. What did I do wrong??????
  8. AppyLover2

    Great new EASY recipe

    I made a pot of stew last night and found myself thinking about this neat biscuit idea. May have to give it a try with the left over stew tonight. I'm thinking to fill it with meat and veggies to be baked, then topping it with gravy to serve. Sounds doable to me. Something else that just popped into mind - leftover turkey and dressing with a bit of gravy over the top, with cranberry sauce and a small salad on the side.
  9. AppyLover2


    I've never been present for a live birth and watched the video. I noticed that the bag appeared to be red only as the foal first started to emerge (the first "bubble"). I assumed the whole bag would be reddish color. I was surprised that it took so long for someone to start helping the mare after the lady said "red bag".....seemed like forever before he went into the stall. Thanks for posting the link. It was very informative even for those of us who will probably never do any breeding.
  10. AppyLover2

    Country rib recipes?

    Darn Sonya.....that sounds GOOD!
  11. The puff pastry (American) isn't the same as the crescent rolls.....much more flaky than the rolls are....but it would probably be good too.
  12. AppyLover2

    Cold Appetizer Ideas

    Chunks of goodies on toothpicks stuck into a head of cabbage (or something similar). Chunks of cheese, ham, sausage, olives (green & black), little pickles, etc. Except for putting them on the cabbage it can be done ahead of time, then final assembly only takes a couple minutes.