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  1. Al B

    Little more cart help, please!

    Cant really see it in this picture but it looks like your shafts are way too far forward. The tip of the shaft should not extend past the point of the shoulder. That would make the footman's loops be in the correct location. In addition since the space between the singletree and the horses rear seems to be about right, the shafts may be too long. JMHO
  2. Al B

    Tandem driving rig ?

    It hangs like a curb chain (note: the judges at this World Show had no clue what it was and even asked my wife, the groom, what it was).You also see it on four in hands and often on pairs. Get a rein caught on the adjacent horses bit and you have a real problem. The closer the better on pace. The lead must be absolutely solid and the wheeler must be happy to do all the work with the view never changing. . You may have to try them both ways and see which works best for them. Another tip. Get a set of rein clamps. You can see in my left hand that the reins loop thru my hand. In this picture the clamp is actually in my hand. If the lead horse is too far out simply walk up the lead rein. This will pull him back without affecting the wheeler. If he is too close simply walk down the rein and he can move out. Without the reins being clamped this is a difficult process. The overall length of the reins never changes. You are simply adjusting their position. This also is a must for four in hands. Make sense?? Once you get the hang of it, it will be more fun to drive than anything.
  3. Al B

    Tandem driving rig ?

    About the traces you will notice that they are not attached to the cart. They actually clip to the wheeler's breast collar. Pulling is not an option. Also notice the bit guard on the wheeler. Its a piece of plastic tubing slipped on to the cheeks of the bit. It keeps the leaders traces and reins from getting hooked in his bit.
  4. Al B

    Tandem driving rig ?

    That would work fine until you tried to turn. In any case that is not the purpose of a tandem. The lead horse does no pulling at all. He simply goes along. In driving the tandem the objective is to keep the leaders traces hanging slightly. The purpose of the tandem was to put the Hunt horse in the lead and the plow horse in the wheeler (shaft horse in Europe) position The dogs would be carried in the compartment under the seat. When you get to the hunting ground the dogs are released and the lead horse is saddled and the hunt is on. The groom would then drive the cart back to the barn. When you try it make sure you have an absolute solid horse in the lead. Also remember you will now have 2 sets of leads to drive with. You have to drive each horse separately.
  5. Several good driving trainers in that area. Don't let the diatribe on the forum scare you away. I am 66 and the wife is 62 and we do a lot of driving, AMHA and ADS.(www.willowcrest.com) Just do it. You'll love it. Someone on the forum was coming to the AMHA show in Katy, TX this weekend. Was that you?

  6. Where are you located?


  7. Al B

    What is a CDE Event?

    Here is a good information site Mini Horse CDE
  8. Al B

    What is a CDE Event?

    A Combined Driving Event is one of the types of driving shows put on by the American Driving Society. Go to download the rule book and see the section on CDE. There are several variations (CDE,HDT, ADT). Lots of fun and a different experience to driving.