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  1. JanBKS

    brains storming

    I got one of them metal garages, mine is 18 wide by 30 ish long, I made 4 stalls in there with the cow panes and gates, worked out great I had a nice foaling stall, I had a gate cutting it in half one side for the girls the otherfor the boys the stallion was kept on another part of the property, as far as grass, yess I had them in small pens also called dry lots, they were let out on grass during the daytime and in dry lot a night with hay, now that I only have the old stallion and 2 geldings they are all in the big barn with the big horses, the mini barn is now my toold barn, I never realized just how much grass they ate, I have so much grass now even putting the boys on it I still have to mow. I had 22 horses here then went down to 10 minis and 3 quarters, I donated 7 of my minis to a therapy farm that had all her horses killed by an arson, they are doing good I miss them but they needed a job. sorry this is so long good luck, OH I also had 7 calf hutches and the minis Love them,so that is an option got mine used much cheaper.
  2. JanBKS

    Dislocated hip/Locked Stifle

    This may or may not help but I had a QH with a stifle problem after a fall, this was oh heck almost 30 years ago, Vet at Cornell in PA wanted him exercised at a trot up and down hills, well I had a small one it must have worked as it went back in place after about 30 days he to this day has no problem with it, You might ask Your vet if small hills will help it and when can she start on hills at a walk. Just a thought.