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  1. Moving to California in the next couple of days. Scared and excited both!

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    2. Knottymare


      Won't help if I continue to cry and wail now will it?


    3. Reignmaker Miniatures

      Reignmaker Miniatures

      Best wishes in your new home

    4. BigDogs & LittleHorses

      BigDogs & LittleHorses

      That's exciting! Keep us informed with what is happening.

  2. Lost my job. Time to join the rest of the world in the unemployment line....

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    2. targetsmom


      Just saw this - so sorry to hear.

    3. drivin*me*buggy


      sorry to hear this lady. Hope something awesome comes up for you soon.


    4. hobbyhorse23


      I'm feeling very blessed right now and am confident God has wonderful things in store for me. Can't wait to see what they are! Thanks, guys.

  3. Hey I tried to send you a PM but it wouldn't let me for some reason. Can you email me at mmstevens15@gmail.com ?

    Thanks :)

  4. Is having more fun critiquing my own photos than anyone! So excited to have horses back in harness.

  5. Supposed to leave for the beach tomorrow, suspect I won't get out before Thursday. Dang it!

  6. After two years of waiting and training, the big day finally came. Turbo is driving!

  7. Is disgusted to find the summer coats the boys haven't even finished getting in are already falling out. NOOOOO!!

    1. shorthorsemom


      Me too with the OH NO. We just lost winter coats and the summer hair is falling out like crazy. sigh NOOOOOOOO

    2. Kendra


      My yearling I showed unclipped for 2 shows was looking distinctly wooly and had to be clipped for this weekends show. Seems like a bad sign ...

  8. Went down to CA to spend a last weekend with my grandma, ended up holding her hand as she passed. Wow.

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    2. Raine Ranch Minis
    3. MistyMeadow


      My deepest sympathies for your loss. It is my hope, that in your deepest sorrow, you are able to find comfort by remembering those things about your grandmother which made her so special to you.

    4. fourluckyhorseshoes



      I read your post regarding what age is a horse "mature." You said that you had done some work with a horse that was bottom of the herd. I have a rescued Arabian (previous neglect case) and its sad because he lets the goats push him around for food, despite their small size. I would love to know what "games" and activities you did with him to make him more confident. Thanks

  9. You know you're doing something right with your training when your colt gets tired of waiting and hands his bridle to you!

  10. I'd say your vet isn't too familiar with the condition. It's definitely unusual for her to be better in the stall, I wonder is she warmer there? I ask only because when my gelding who had it was cold he'd hunch up and rotate his stifles outward which just made the problem worse. When working in harness or enjoying a warm day he'd stand straighter and wouldn't have as many problems. Just a thought! Also, many horses who lock are worse after heavy exercise as it causes inflammation and pain and they will lock up terribly the next day. You want to introduce them to the work slowly and in small doses and build them up with a few more poles each day/a few minutes longer going in that straight line and let them adapt. Anti-inflammatories can sometimes help with that worsening if it's unavoidable. Leia
  11. Is so enjoying this sunshine (finally!!) and her furkids.

  12. Is suddenly nervous about our first show this weekend. Wish us luck!

    1. Shortpig


      Yes Leia I she was bred one time on June 13th. Hard to believe I know. I am now very nervous praying all goes well. Good luck at the show.

    2. jegray21


      Wishing you luck!

  13. Clipping has begun! Tonight I get to see how my colt has matured. Fingers crossed!

    1. Mominis


      Yay!! Can't wait for pictures!

  14. Just found out Turbo tied for the 2010 EMHC Amateur Halter Championship, Under!

  15. hobbyhorse23

    Can't post using iPad!

    Wow, thanks! Was that on your forum profile or the settings for your iPad? Leia