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  1. Get someone to weld then on. Or, use metal screws
  2. Minimor

    cow hocked 2 year old

    By 2 he should be about done changing. Some horses just end up a bit cowhocked. I will not run any correction on a horse that is past it's second birthday--in truth I do not like to correct them past one year but sometimes do a bit (not nearly as much as I would on a weanling) if I buy a yearling that is a bit crooked. By 2 they are what they are and corrective trimming is more harmful than helpful. Trim level and it's all good.
  3. Minimor

    Stop Throwing Your Food!!!

    Do your feeders have a lip around the inside top edge? That is supposed to stop the hay from getting thrown out but I have found it needs to be a fairly wide lip or they still manage to shove the hay up and out.
  4. Minimor

    Whatever happened to

    She disappeared from all social media several years ago. I was FB friends with her and just like that she deleted her account and disappeared. I am not sure why.
  5. Minimor

    Hi from new member

    Hi from Manitoba! We had Morgans for 46 years and there was a time I thought we would always have them. Our last one left us in 2012 and I would have no interest in getting another. I enjoy my ponies more. I got our first Minis in 2001 and my first American Shetland in 2008. I enjoy the Shetlands more than anything. But anyway--your two look lovely in that photo!
  6. Minimor

    Little more cart help, please!

    Some carts have loops further ahead so there is a stop for the wrap straps to serve as hold backs. My horse cart was that way. We got footmans loops welded on in the proper spot. This cart--those loops will never work even if you move your horse further ahead in the shafts--you need to either get longer straps (custom job as you won't find any to buy ready made in the right length or get loops welded on further back.
  7. Minimor

    AMHR/AMHA Lookup

    He has no AMHR registered offspring
  8. Minimor

    AMHR/AMHA Lookup

    Did anyone message you with info?
  9. Minimor

    Foal Questions

    Generally you do not want to vaccinate before 4 months. Assuming the mare was vaccinated, she will give immunity to the foal for at least 4 months. Here we never vaccinated before weaning --since by then it is fall, going into winter, we do not vaccinate until the next spring when the foal is a year old. If you are gelding your colt at the age of 6 months, he will need a tetanus shot at that time.
  10. Minimor

    New Forum Look

    Is there to be a mobile version again? I used to use the full version if I wanted to post a photo from my phone, but otherwise always used mobile. This version is so clunky on my phone, i really miss the mobile option
  11. My prize arrived today. I'm thrilled -- there is a Sleek n Shine grooming block (definitely need that this week!) A keychain (need that too!) A pen ( can alwaus use a pen!) And A jar of Apple butter! YUMMY! Thank you Debby!!! And thank you Robin for working on these contests!
  12. Oops! Just emailed you!! Ha, 55 is my lucky number I guess, since I Just turned 55 on Friday the 13th and retired that same day! :) Thank you!