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    You remember the song I'd like to teach the world to sing? Well, I'd like to teach the world about the benefits of clicker training horses. It truly is phenomenal.
  1. Thanks for fixing it Marty :-)

  2. Marty...I'm so sorry I blew it and posted on the main page of the contest. I reposted under the correct file. You'll laugh, I was wondering if you were supporting CMHR all by yourself by entering every category LOL. OK....sometimes I miss the pitch.

  3. Thanks Marty...found them. Not quite sure how to vote though. Send in my $$$ :-)

    Thanks for doing this...thanks to Rebecca for telling me about it.

  4. Hey Barbara,

    If you have a chance I'm always giving out free information on clicker training on my FB page, clicker-training-horses. come join us if you can! :-)