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    We have 9 mini's,2 donkey,3 big horses and love spending time out doors! I also like to play around in the flowerbeds.
  1. Within the warmth of my horses breath I will find the air I need to live today. I will find the wind to fly and within I will find the one I'm meant to be.

  2. Adding on to my barn again,woohoo!!

  3. Went riding with my daughter,mom,grandma and friends,great day!!!

  4. Buster the foundered mini has cantered to the barn the last 3 mornings!!!!

    1. RockRiverTiff


      Yay! Kudos to you again for his quick recovery!

  5. Posted pics of my humble tack and feed room on the organization thread :)

  6. My uncle started working on my water hydrant at the barn last evening,woohoo!

  7. My new foundered mini Buster improves slightly every day :)

    1. RockRiverTiff


      So glad to hear it!


  8. I posted pics of Ellie the yearling Donkey we got Saturday.

  9. Picked up a foundered gelding tonight,poor guy can barely walk. Just glad the owner gave him up.

    1. kaykay


      thank you for taking him


    2. TheCaseFamily00


      On the way home I realized I knew this horse,I fed for people who used to own him. He's been around but I plan on this being his forever home :)

  10. We may be getting a new addition :) Going to go look tonight.

    1. TheCaseFamily00


      Picking her up next Saturday.


  11. We took in a pygmy goat that someone left tied to a tree,today she suprised us with twins! Mom and kids are well and we are in love:)

    1. Crabby-Chicken


      Awww I wanna see your sweet little miracles!!! Someone sent you lots of love in one little package!

    2. TheCaseFamily00


      Yes they did,we even got to see them born:) I'm still in shock,they are so snuggly!


  12. Prayers answered for my grandpa today,got the ok on his bloodwork. I'm so thankful to have him in my life.

    1. Crabby-Chicken


      I am so glad. Sounds like you have a fantastic family that is close!

    2. TheCaseFamily00


      Thank you,they're the best!

  13. I sure miss my girl Emma,she was my little Diva.

    1. leeapachemoon
    2. TheCaseFamily00


      Thanks,spending time with the others helps.

    3. Knottymare
  14. 14-24 below zero with the wind chill today,not good!

  15. TheCaseFamily00