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  1. Trying to find some info about their horses and farm for some bloodline research. Thanks!
  2. attwoode

    Westbrook ponies from MS

    Hi, just checking here to see if anyone knows what happened to the horses owned by George and Pat Westbrook that were ASPC/AMHR and it looks they were located in Mississippi. They had some nice driving horses and some bloodlines I’m researching.
  3. Banamine is recommended by my vet because it has properties that diminish colon spasms during colic, can remove toxins, and relieve pain. She says bute is cheaper so people tend to use this more often. Bute can causes ulcers in miniatures. Banamine can also cause ulcers but usually only after prolonged treament or overdose.
  4. Kay, we live near Traverse City and may be able to help if needed.