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  3. wildoak

    Experiencing problems since Forum upgrade?

    The only issue I'm having is that I'm unable to post photos now. I click on the insert image box, but it won't let me paste anything in. Jan
  4. Leia, I have to agree about the partial splitting. I have a 2 yr old filly now who started locking as a yearling (coincidentally when we first put her to work in the round pen, on a very limited basis). She had the partial ligament splitting done, seemed better for a month or so then regressed badly. Rather than take her back in immediately I have put her out on 10 acres or so with my broodmares to see if exercise will help. She has to go up and down hills, and generally be on the move a lot. Took several weeks to see a difference and I was about to give up, but this last couple of weeks she finally appears to be moving more freely. Initially she quit locking & dragging a leg, but still visibly popped when she moved off. Now she moves off much more smoothly - she gets the winter to condition herself and see whether the change is permanent, but I am encouraged by what I see. She previously was turned out 24/7 on about an acre, but she evidently wasn't forced to move enough to effect a change. Jan
  5. Great point about the posture aspect - that makes so much sense. I've had a couple with locking stifles and it does often seem to go hand in hand with a shallow, weaker hip. The worst we had - and worst I've ever seen - was a filly who started locking when I put her out in a big field with her dam. She would lock and stay locked on both legs, very pitiful looking. We had surgery done on her at a much earlier age than I (& vets) would have prefered, but she was just miserable. Her dam never had a problem & neither did sire but in hindsight it was apparent that he produced the problem. The filly is in a pet home, and the stallion is gone & gelded. He gave me two, the other a gelding I drove and just adored who only had issues when he was stalled for a period of time. Jan
  6. My little mare who had major surgery last month on a dislocated femur has been on bute, per vets instructions. They sent her home on the following - 1/2 tab bute once a day, Equioxx once a day, sucralfate twice a day, and Gastroguard. We did this for about 4 weeks post surgery. I started alternating bute and banamine, every other day, about a week/10 days ago, and am hoping I can wean her off the bute entirely. This was major surgery though - I'm kind of walking a fine line with keeping her pain free enough that she will continue to move and regain some strength, and at the same time not overdoing the bute etc. I very rarely use bute for the minis, but there are times I think when it is necessary. Jan
  7. wildoak

    Do any of you guys use a bread machine

    I have one and used it quite a bit when I first got it. Finally had to put it away though, as I seem to be the only one eating most of it and I could just live on bread! Jan
  8. Seems like there was another case of this here earlier this year but I don't remember whose it was. I agree, maybe you could get her to A&M - or whoever you choose - and get an idea of what's involved early while you still have the option. Best of luck with her, she's a darling filly. Jan
  9. The best thing in my foaling kit is Theresa Jones' book, The Complete Foaling Manual. I still pull it out and reread it every year.....good thing to do while watching mares and waiting...and waiting..... I generally use diluted Nolvasan to disinfect too. The only thing that Nolvasan and most of the disinfectants don't get (talking disinfecting stalls) is organic matter, ie manure, dirt, etc. Gets the walls, and cleaned surfaces but the gal at my feed store told me last year there is something they have that kills bacteria even in organic matter. Time to find out what it is. Jan
  10. John, first of all thanks for being here and opening this forum to questions. I understand that dwarfism is not essentially about height, however - if I breed stallion A to mare B and have offspring smaller than both sire and dam, does that indicate the involvement of a dwarf gene, or is it just random height fluctuation? If you add to the equation the pretty but somewhat domed head and large eyes that we see often in this breed but assume a correct bite and no other dwarf features, does that affect your answer? Thanks, Jan
  11. wildoak

    Luxated patella

    Assuming you went to Elgin? They have always been tops, but as everyone said a second opinion can't hurt. I'll be glad to give you my 2 cents worth as far as vet referrals nearby. Email me txlilhorse@aol.com if you like. Jan
  12. Good idea - I've used the paste forever but I'm always open to suggestion. Ivermectin paste has come down in price so much since the "gold" came out, you can find it in the neighborhood of $4 now - $1 per horse if you get 4 out of a tube. I remember when we wormed with a little package of tiny blue pellets, before the days of paste wormer. I had a quarter mare who could sort through her grain and leave every single pellet in the feed pan. These were smaller than a grain of rice! Jan
  13. wildoak

    I'm Building a Barn

    Yes, I'm big on windows too. :bgrin Of course it doesn't get so cold here - or at least not so often - we alternated windows and dutch doors across the back of the stalls. Easy to close up the doors when it's cold, but allows access to runs and lots of air and light when it's not. The windows are just openings that we cover with a piece of plexiglass in the winter. I've only had one oops there - I had a stallion in one night, and a gelding he didn't like out behind the barn. He stood up and banged on that plexi till it cracked, so I have to pay attention to who goes next to him. Otherwise great though because it still lets in light with no wind. Marty, our electric bills here are going to be killer anyway, so I'm glad I have natural light. Every little bit helps! Jan
  14. wildoak

    I'm Building a Barn

    Little wee, your barn is just gorgeous, you did a great job on it. Our old foaling barn consisted of partially covered runs, and yes the mares did become very possessive once they foaled, and spent much of their time charging the mare next door. As a "Bandaid" fix one year, I took a new tarp, folded and stapled it over the entire fence in the stall - worked so well I left it there for years. Our new barn is very open with the priefert panels, so I may have to improvise again until I make a permanent change in one stall. Jan
  15. wildoak

    I'm Building a Barn

    We just built a new barn and used Priefert panels for dividers. The spaces in them are too small to kick through, let light and air circulate, and they can easily be taken out to enlarge a stall. The only negative I've found is that they can be really noisy if a horse kicks or paws at them. Especially in the middle of the night when you are sleeping 15' away LOL. Two interior stall shots. I need to get new pictures, just hasn't been time to blink lately. Jan