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  1. Reignmaker Miniatures


    Well I think its always fun to know for sure what the colour genes are (but I never tire of learning just one more tiny fact about my animals.. lol) If I were going to choose Id go with silver, maybe cream and agouti altho that is probably pretty obvious. No point in doing a test for red or grey really. I'm not sure which pinto gene would be responsible for the blaze so I wouldn't want to suggest either sabino or tobiano .. so basically I guess silver to confirm if he is indeed a silver buckskin.
  2. Reignmaker Miniatures

    Food Lovers Guide

    LOL, my lack of sophistication is showing. My Dad used to enjoy corned beef. Its been so many years since Ive tasted it that I really can't say if I like it or not. I don't think anyone I know has served it in my adult life.
  3. Reignmaker Miniatures

    Food Lovers Guide

    What is silverside? Fish? I made cabbage roll soup tonight. Enough for 8 or 10 people and there are only 2 of us...oops. Someday Ill get this cooking for just 2 down lol
  4. Reignmaker Miniatures


    Buckskin is basically cream on bay (which is black modified by agouti) but you can have other modifiers as well such as silver. None of that accounts for the white blaze and pink on his nose which is from one of the overo genes, I'm a little out of practice with colour genetics so if I've messed something up someone please correct me.
  5. Reignmaker Miniatures


    Congratulations! He is very pretty. For what its worth I agree with Mona on his colour. I hope he turns into a driving horse extrordinaire.
  6. Reignmaker Miniatures

    Newbie to the forum.

    Welcome to the forums Pony Mom. I have fed both flax and BOSS and I have fed them at the same time. My experience is that you will want to watch the weight of your mares and adjust the amount of these hi fat seeds based on whether they start to put on too much weight. I believe Magic Marker was asking, are you feeding a senior feed aka a grain(pelleted feed) that is specifically formulated for senior horses.
  7. Reignmaker Miniatures

    Food Lovers Guide

    I like it partly because if I'm a bit distracted and cook the chicken for too long it stays moist under the mayo.
  8. Reignmaker Miniatures

    Food Lovers Guide

    Love the sound of the creamy garlic chicken Ryan, I will be giving that a try. My standby for chicken breast when I want something easy but good enough for company is to sprinkle the meat with a garlic/herb mix (i usually use a commercially available mix called garlic plus but Ive used my own blend too) then cover it in mayonaise and finally sprinkle a thick layer of grated parmesan cheese on top. Cook in a 350F oven until the chicken is cooked and the cheese is golden brown. I usually serve it with roasted baby potatoes and vegies.
  9. The first thing I wondered is the selenium status of your soil. Here we have low selenium and must supplement our animals to avoid the problems that can arise from not having enough. If it were me (please understand that I am not a vet nor any kind of expert) I would consider trying a shot of A,D and E with selenium if you can access it if low selenium is an issue there. Otherwise a wait and see and the stretching you are trying might be your only option. I hope the locals are right and she improves soon. Is there any way you can phone a vet and ask for their advice? If you explain the financial limitations and the situation they might at least offer an educated guess or two. Good luck.
  10. Reignmaker Miniatures

    Just dropping himself to the ground

    I absolutely agree it is best if the child does the correcting. It not only shows the horse that it must respect even a little person but it also helps develop the child's confidence which is one of the benefits f having them around horses to begin with(or at least it worked that way for me way back when)
  11. Reignmaker Miniatures

    Just dropping himself to the ground

    Sounds like he's found an effective way to avoid doing what is being asked. I would encourage your daughter to be very firm in demanding he get back up and walk. If she is unable to get him up or keep him on his feet you may have to find a way to make being down less appealing than being up and walking. I had a saddle horse colt that did the same thing when I was a teen and I finally sat on his neck and held him down until getting up was my idea. After doing this a couple of times he never dropped on me again (pretty dangerous trick for a horse who is under saddle altho he was not old enough to be ridden yet then). My husbands mini gelding started doing the stop and drop in harness early in his training and no amount of trying to redirect him stopped it and once down he was determined to stay there rather than work. I finally used a spray of water to make him really unhappy to be laying down. He too turned over a new leaf and gave up that particular gammit.
  12. Reignmaker Miniatures


    Its been an unusually hot dry year here, cant remember when we had rain last, maybe a month ago. My garden was late getting in since we were helping my son and daughter in law move to a different town when I would normally have been planting. Still for being 3 weeks late its doing okay. My greenhouse is a jungle with tomato plants and they are really producing altho the the fruit are almost entirely green yet. The peas are podding now finally and it looks like its going to be a bumper crop, beans are producing pretty good but I'll see when they are done just how many I get since its a new variety this year. Cauliflower finished early and the broccoli set its main heads a month ago, just enjoying the little side shoots now. My carrots aren't great this year but I've got enough to share with those near to me who don't garden. In all I'd say its not been a bad year for the garden considering its only the second summer in this new place. Marsha, I really like your water feature. I bet its relaxing to listen to it gurgle and watch the birds.
  13. Reignmaker Miniatures

    What's For DINNER Tonight?

    tonight will just be left overs from last night. I had my BIL and SIL here for dinner so I made a huge wok full of fried rice, carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms lots of chopped fresh garlic (about a third of a cup) and fresh ginger. Rice (used leftover 'sticky' rice which is not my fav but is my husbands) green peas, soysauce with some sugar dissolved in it and topped when it was done with green onions and a sprinkle of sesame oil. Everyone had seconds but I still have enough for tonight and then I'll freeze what's still left for future meals when I don't feel like cooking(which happens pretty often lately lol) Sometime this week I plan to try cooking the duck we found on sale a month or so ago. I've never tried duck and we don't know if we will enjoy it but the price was good and we wanted to try it anyway. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it lol.
  14. Reignmaker Miniatures

    What's For DINNER Tonight?

    I've been doing a pretty hit and miss job of cooking meals lately. I will do a roast and then we have leftovers in various ways for a couple of days. Day before yesterday I grabbed a stewing chicken from the freezer and boiled it. Then my husband pulled the meat from the bones and I made chicken noodle and vegie soup with peas from my freezer and carrots from a local farm. I got a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas so am on a bread baking run right now. Today's bread is Oatmeal Bread. it is a moist heavy loaf that my husband loves. I think I will serve it with the last of the chicken chopped up and put in a nice gravy and maybe some broccoli and cauliflower I have in my freezer from my summer garden.. Dang... now I'm hungry.. lol, its lunch time tho so I shouldn't be surprised. I wonder if we have any soup left. We've had a remarkable mild winter so far and I really feel for those of you who are struggling with wild weather. I second your sentiment Ryan, hope everyone had a nice holiday season and 2015 is treating them well.
  15. Reignmaker Miniatures

    What's For DINNER Tonight?

    Haha, I'm having the same kind of day. Tonight I have put a pan of nachos (chips, tex mex cheese and green onions) in the oven. We should be eating in 10 minutes lol. Not healthy nut fast and we'll have some fruit with it (that makes it a good for us meal right lol) Sunday it was salmon in lemon dill sauce with a pasta/vegie salad and green beans, we ate leftovers last night so I've been really lazy for 2 days now.