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  1. Having issues posting from my iPad, can't post photos. Help?

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    2. Debby - LB

      Debby - LB

      are you using iOS? if so can you see what version.

    3. ~Dan


      Debby, I don't believe so. I looked through my setting and controls and could not find anything that said that I was. I had seen someone had postd last year abou how to post on an iPad like how you do on a computer in the Practice Board section, and they said to change something in your account settings. I tried but could not find how to.

    4. ~Dan


      From O So's post on the Practice Board: Ok, I didn't but my kid did! LOL


      "A while back ago I made a post about how I couldn't post using my iPad. On the iPad you have to put your finger in the reply box and that is supposed to bring up the keyboard. On this site and another I go to, it didn't work. All the other forums worked fine.


      Today my kid came in and I asked him about it. He did some research and found out there is a setting I have to unche...

  2. I guess unless you're a horse person, one simply doesn't understand the joy of "horses" wafting in the breeze.

  3. ~Dan

    What Are Your Favorite Restaurants?

    Local: Eden Seafood and Pizzeria, they have the best chicken fingers I have ever add!! They. are thick and juicy, not thin, over crispy, crunchy, things with barely any meat. And the meat in them is great, not grisly, but juicy and suculant, best BBQ sauce around. Edies Pizzaeria. Best dang chicken wraps and frys I have ever had!! Sit down: Red Robin, live for their Whiskey River Chicken burger. Olive Garden, salad+breadsticks=heaven <3 Red Lobster, I love their rolls! (Have to steal that recipe from the other thread) Fast food: Mcdonalds, nothing better than a Big Mac! Dan.
  4. Met a Cardigan Welsh Corgi for the first time today, I love those dogs now!

    1. anoki


      they are quite the cool dogs if I do say so myself! :)


    2. sfmini


      I agree, I am in love with the breed.

      My bestie is a Cardi.

  5. Happy Valentines Day forum family!

  6. Any want to send some warm weather this way please? it was -12.5 when i got up this morning with a high of 20 o.0

  7. Tons of fresh snow today so beautiful :) time to head down to the barn to tuck everyone in.

  8. What's on your mind?Im not sure how many miniature horses it takes to screw in a light bulb because by the time you stacked enough up to reach the fixture, there would be too many to count.

  9. Any one have an Amazon Kindle? are they worht the price?

    1. Flying minis

      Flying minis

      I have one. I travel a lot for work - definately worth it so I don't have to carry books along with me. Love mine.

    2. hobbyhorse23


      Ditto- love mine for flying! I used it to carry several LARGE books with me to Scotland! *LOL*

  10. First Snow fall of the season!! The horses are loving it!!

  11. Has any one heard any updates on Targetsmoms Max?

  12. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  13. Hiding from the cold : I