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I would like to give a Very Big Thank You to Missouri Forget Me Not Horse Rescue! https://www.missouriforgetmenot.org/

Today they came and picked up 6 of my minis. Due to health and financial problems I have not been able to take care of my herd the way I should. I contacted this board for a rescue and was told about Missouri Forget Me Not Horse Rescue, Thank you Mona!  I contacted them and they came today. I was so very worried about how we would be able to care for my minis, now I know they are in very good hands. God Bless the people who do rescue work. 

They only had to leave 1 horse behind, my mini appy stallion. There was no way to put him on the trailer with the others safely. If anyone is interested lol. 

I am keeping 1 gelding and 2 mares. I believe I will be able to take care of 3.

Thank you again everyone! 
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I thought I would do a topic on dangerous things for the new mums.

Never leave a headcollar on a mare with a foal at foot. Stumbling little foals can get their little feet caught in the mares headcollar and it could be tragic. Cassie can tell you just how terrible it is.

ALWAYS remove headcollars after the birth.


Also please read what my friend Tami of Triple K just posted this morning on FB about her foal blanket:


Please horse lovers take a second to read this!!!! Last night we have a beautiful tiny perfect little filly born, she was born around midnight, at 5 am I received a phone call from my dear friend Judy from CA and Carol from FL, telling me to hurry and get to this little fillies stall, DO NOT USE ANY FOAL BLANKETS THAT ARE CLOSED IN FRONT, BE SURE THEY HAVE VELCRO , THIS LITTLE FILLY WAS BEING DRAGGED AROUND THE STALL BY HER DAM, THE MARE HAD GOTTEN HER LEG THRU THE NECK OPENING OF THE NEWBORN FILLY AND WAS DRAGGING THE BABY AROUND THE STALL, THE FILLY WAS LIMP WHEN i GOT TO HER, AND THE BLANKET WAS TWISTED SO TIGHT SHE WAS ALMOST BEING STRANGLED, WHEN i GOT THE MARES LEG OUT OF THE OPENING, THE FILLY WAS HARDLY ALIVE, THIS HAS TAUGHT ME TO be sure ALL YOUR FOAL BLANKETS HAVE VELCRO IN THE FRONT,the filly is doing fine, thanks



All foal pj's must have velcro at the front.


Thanks for taking the time to read. Safe foaling everyone.


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