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    do you know these people

    Does any know any of the following people and how to get in contact with them? dale and carolemae hartwick douglas graham kathleen decker erica anderson charles d mccallister bruce ekstrom tracey foe john herring-brush creek bethany hill johnson johnny robb kay marschell albert foe...
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    aspc/amhr sales

    Does anyone know of any aspc/amhr horse sales or auctions anywhere?
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    wild flowers

    Does any one know if wild flowers are dangerous to horses? would like to plant some this year.
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    Growing my own hay

    I am so tired of paying fourteen bucks for one bale of hay and have decided to plant my own this year. I did a little research and would like to plant the alfalfa/timothy variety but have concerns about the blister beetle I have heard about, what is it? How do I keep it out of the crop? where...
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    Need info on the aspc show's

    Hi everyone, Could someone give me a little info on the aspc shows, is this considered the "congress"? where do i find a list of show dates? tried the R website , did i just over look it? whats the difference between aspc and aspr?
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    Mare exrtavaganza sale this weekend

    Did anyone go to the mare extravaganza sale this weekend sure would like to know what my four picks went for.
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    Definatley a Keeper

    OOOOOOOOOOOO.......Where did you get her... I want one like her too. :
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    My lest fav would be swway and bucky. they cant go home fast enough along with the Ny heifer! hate her attitude. Even though Taylor is from my home state ,its just painful to watch him. Its like he has some kind of spastic twitch!! :bgrin :lol: They need to strap a board to his back and duck...
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    Glory B Farms Fortune cookie.. wanting pic when she was in halter

    Glory B farms fortune cookie... does anyone has a picture of this mare in her show days in 1990 they could pass on to me. Thanks
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    Komokos Teenie Jeanie-what were her accomplishments?

    Looking for a picture of Komokos Little teenie jeanie.
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    I am so aggrivated

    I have been looking forward to the online valentine day "auction". So I get up this morning to place my starting bid, not my top dollar or what I was saying the horse was worth, just a starting bid. I see the "minimal bid" but think a min. bid is a sale, should be on a website not an...
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    Pawing food dish

    I had to go to the bunk feeders made for calves because of this problem, its one that drives me crazy : . If the bunk feeders arent an option and hanging doesnt work you can always dig a hole and bury your feeding dish to ground level. This will allow him to eat from the ground without eating...
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    Grapevines poisonous???

    I have had grapevines for the last two years and it hasnt made any of my horses sick. I would love one day to know what the fruit taste like if only i could beat my horses to it!!! That goes for my strawberry patch too!!!! :lol:
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    Can some of you buyers tell me

    its not a problem for me, i know its important for the seller to feel comfortable with where their babies are going. Its one of the first questions i will ask when i am looking at a horse for shipping purposes. I dont understand not wanting to give such simple info :
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    As requested chinese crested puppy pix

    Oh Jennifer they are beautiful!!!! : :