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    I used it on a paso mare and a quarter pony that are both have IR. My vet recommended it for to help control their IR. I have noticed that the paso is not as spooky.
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    Our little tiny Bay colt pix!

    Another tell me how do ya'll keep having such cute babies. Oh, wait I know I have seen their parents. I think one of your foals would look really good at my house.
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    New on board and to mini's

    Hi from Kingsport. If you ever want to talk minis just let me know.....they are favorite subject.
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    New filly at W W Miniatures

    She's adorable. Congrats
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    Economic stimulus check's not looking like a very good hay year again this year.
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    Your favorite all around vitamin

    I have been very happy with Select. It has a ration based on grass hay and one based on alfalfa so the prosperous/calcium ratio is correct. I also like that there is an expiration label on it so that you know that the product has not be sitting for an extended period of time.
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    Looooonnng weekend at W W Miniatures!

    Congratulations. I can't wait to come and see them.
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    Mt Airy Sale, did anyone go?

    I went to the sale and it was a buyers market. There were some incredible horses there but the prices surprised me on how low the horses sold for. I came home with a lovely pinto gelding for my son to show. I didn't write the prices down mainly from being in shock from the prices. It was my...
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    Mt. Airy auction

    I am thinking about going to the Mt. Airy sale for the first time. Has anyone gone before or is planning on going this year? Do they usually sale show or pet quality and what are the prices like?
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    Tennesee dwellers tell me about your area

    Being a native Tennessean, the state is quite diverse. Since Tennessee does not have income tax and moderate climate the state has seen a huge influx of new residents from Florida, California and New England. There are alot of rurel area once you get away from the larger cities. Property...
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    Horse dumping

    I have done and continue to do horse rescue. A common misconception is that only poorly bred and mean horses are neglected. My first rescue was with an horse rescue in Tennessee when 41 horses were being seized including a couple of minis. Once the horses were sorted and I had the minis in a...
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    Favorite Big Breeds

    Paso Finos....I love the smooth gait, long flowing manes and tails, the pride exhibit especially when hearing their own foot steps and wonderful temperments.
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    We go the last weekend in April every year so we can visit both Keeneland and Church Hill Downs. The last friday in April is the final day of the Keeneland spring meet then Saturday is the open of the Church Hill Down meet. We usually see alot of the Derby horses in Church Hill Downs schooling...
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    Anyone Like Horse Racing???

    We go to Keeneland and Church Hill Downs every year. This year we went to the Kentucky Horse Park and got to pet and get pictures of Cigar. Then we went to Three Chimneys and got to see Smarty Jones (Now that's HORSE). He is absolutely beautiful and quite the character. I have a wonder...
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    This is getting BAD..

    Try They are also selling the hay to the Co-op.