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    Thick crest

    I own a mini donkey; have owned her since she was a weanling. She is now 5yrs old and she has a real thick crest, thicker than any I have ever seen, even on an aged stallion. She has a restricted diet and is in very good physical condition so her crest has me a little puzzled. Is it normal for...
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    Miniature Donkey ?

    She is in real good condition as we have all our horses and 'Molly' our donkey on consistant diets. Over weight minis disgust me, she's also is on a regular deworming program. My aged stallions don't have a neck like her's, that why we're concerned.
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    Miniature Donkey ?

    We have a 5 yr old mini donkey she is in excellent health but has a THICK crest, is that normal for donkeys?