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  1. VernB

    New colt

    Thank you so much. I'm going to have a hard time deciding, I like a lot of those names.
  2. VernB

    New colt

    My mare foaled at 310 days and surprised us all. He is buckeroo bred. I need help finding him a name. His Sire is named Debaults crown prince sirprize. His Dam's name is MMW oso adorable. He needs to have surprise or sirprize in his name.
  3. VernB

    photo edit please!

    Shelly, My sister says "Your welcome". Happy you like it. I think my sister has a talent. She does it all the time, so she gets allot of practice. You wouldn't guess that the grass and trees are in two different areas. The grass is in Utah were we are and the trees are in Washinton. Let us...
  4. VernB

    photo edit please!

    My sister saw your picture and had to give it a try.
  5. VernB

    A poll...

    Yes, I've had a couple. One stallion is registered 28.28" whatever that means. Then I come to find out he's 26.5" The owner told me that the registry made that mistake. She hadn't even noticed it. Another mare that was supposed to stay under 34" but she grew to 35.75" Other than those 2 the...
  6. VernB

    I have a bad case of "Empty Nest" syndrom

    And last but not least is our pet sparrow. We raised him from a baby. Thanks for letting me share. Enjoy
  7. VernB

    I have a bad case of "Empty Nest" syndrom

    We have quite a few critters around here. Here's our miniature Jeresey bull. As a calf around 10 months 12 months A heifer calf born this year aka Bobbie Bobbie "the little calf" standing next to a standard jersey calf that is younger than her. Our suri alpaca's A...
  8. VernB

    Who owns the smallest mini ? (that is not a dwarf)

    I've always dreamed of owning a tiny stallion until a few years ago when I came across this darling guy. He's not the smallest but he's tiny and sweet as can be. Everyone who visits our place is shocked when I tell them he's 8, and no he's not a baby. He's 26.5" and has the cutest little head...
  9. VernB

    Show off your Stallions!

    I have 4 stallions. I really like all of them. OTR Trippers Buck N Blue AKa Frankie was my first mini. He looks like a morgan and he prances like a saddlebred. O and his blue eyes are gorgeous. I don't have any pics of him conditioned cuz I haven't shown any of my horses. OTR Trippers...
  10. VernB

    Who has the Bays?

    Here are my bays.Both are stallions. OTR Trippers Buck N Blue 29" My newest boy. He's just turned 2 Debaults Crown Prince Sirprize 31.75"
  11. VernB

    Our new Belgian team driving with our team of minis.

    O how cute! I think that is the best team I've seen yet. You can look at it two ways To those who think Its dangerous it is If their not really trained and docile. I'm sure they would have never hooked those minis up If those big horses had an ounce of spook in them. It's kina like training a...
  12. VernB

    Awesome buckskins & Palominos. Lets see the double dilutes

    Wow! I really like double dilutes. The more pics I see the more I like them. Jill I think your pink ladies are gorgeous. Double reminds me of my mare. I wish my mare had a little buckskin too. Hopefully next year.
  13. VernB

    Let's See Your PALOMINOS

    Here's my only palomino Lucky F Stylish Little Man He's mostly white on one side He has a good amount of color on the other side
  14. VernB

    Let's see your stallions/mares with "look-alike" offspring

    My Stallion Lucky F Stylish Little Man Little Man as a foal Little Man's 2007 Colt Stylized Tiger Lad. I think he looks just like his daddy. I wish I had a pic of him now but I sold him. I'm sure he looks just like his sire.